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  • this c@cksucker does nothing but red bomb me for no reason other than retaliation for trying to help smorg, in which he was fed green afterwards, and you're all kissing his azz??
    i have been trying to REP you everyday for the past 4 days at least 3 or 4 times a day and it wont let me, Did I REP you and forget, I appologise man, I will keep trying. I aint holding out on you, I hope Christmas was great and have a great new years,

    Ron, I was wondering how your old R6 and your Gus compare in hit. Also, I was wondering if I could get a full rundown on the specs of your Gus? Thanks and Happy Holidays.

    I keep trying to send you greenies, but I guess I have to spread them around more. haha. Hope all's well, Ron!
    Hi Ron,
    Hope all is well.
    I've been busy with caps.
    so much to do, not enough time in one day..
    Thanks for all your reps...
    I'd better get you some greenies too..
    See you around buddy..
    Hey Ron,
    how are you doing?...I just recevied my R6 with yellow micarta ferrules...it hits really great....i might put the mottey to rest for few months and let the R6 do all the work for now..lol..how's your GUS shooting so far? .....hope is well with you
    Hey Ron...thanks for the greenies :) Man, it takes me a while to get 20 so I can spread em' around...otherwise I'd send you some back! Oh yeah, that was me and Fats in 93'. It was cool to meet him, even though his mind wasn't all there at the time.
    Hope everything's good with you Ron! Ttyl, buddy.
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