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  • Enjoy today to the fullest. They only come around once a year. :)


    Thanks for the greenies. Glad you got a chuckle out of my recap of Jay winning our little get together. It was kind of fun for some of the guys in the area to get together to shoot some competitively. There were a couple of racks where Jay kept getting a little worse on each shot but somehow still got out. It was exhausting to watch, lol!

    Thanks again,

    i dont think he kmnows how to "friemd" anyone on face book, he is justnow learnng about computers, email isa big thing right now, in a few months he will be justfine. he likesyou alot-don sweatit
    Thanks for the rep and b'day wishes, Rubyron! Although that was the wrong thread :p I did have a great b'day -- a certain special lady made sure of that.

    I tried to PM you a week or so back, to thank you for some rep you'd sent my way on some other post I made, but your mailbox was full. (Update: I tried to send this via PM, but your mailbox is still full, so I defaulted to a visitor message instead.)

    Will you be at SBE this year? If so, would welcome the opportunity to meet you!

    i spoke to you know who-about you know what. he said hello. when it gets closer to the date i will let you know.

    hope you have a nice holiday season, Im out sending my eletronic Christmas cards to everyone on AZ, Happy Holidays!!!! :)

    he knows you and I will see him tomarrow and tell him you said hello, I will let him know well in advance so they can hit town with as many students as possible. They really appericate it.
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