✦✦ 2013 AZB Cue of the Year ✦✦


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For me, this is the cue i feel like best represents the spirit of the competition. An effort to be different and unique. That principle alone is what makes the COTY something to look forward too and worth having.

I agree Jake! While I love what you are doing...this one is my fav of the year...fell in love with it right away. Such a really unique concept...and the effects are dramatic.

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ultra rare cocobolo spalted burl

copper engraved rings


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Every year i wait for this thread to view the hottest cue of the year!! Thanks for this again Jamie! :thumbup:


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This is my prize posession, a 6 veneer Rauenzahn cue full-spliced MONSTER with sharp points both ways!!!! from 2013 (<:

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New Ebony on Ebony butterfly with Hope style butt cap,2 shafts w/ivory ferrulles, Ivory joint and butt cap, polished weight bolt, made by BHQ.
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My cherished DCC cue--Steve Dunkel. It's not a huge monster but, I think it's worth showing off.



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2013 Beautiful Judd Fuller Cue

This might not be the fanciest cue on this thread, but it is definitely an "Eye Catcher" in person. Anyone that has played with or has had a chance to have a cue made by Judd knows his first priority of turning out a cue is that it must play well for him to let it go out the door. I have to say I had an absolute pleasure dealing with Judd and Trudy and am glad to call him a friend of mine. They are currently putting together another super nice cue that will hopefully be in the running for next year.

Enjoy the pics, and thank you Jamie for allowing us to all see some Monster Cues that might have otherwise been missed.


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i had this made for my oldest neice, shes 7 and already playing high 4 speed on big track. MR pat diveney and i were talking and came up with a cue nicer than her dream cue its a monster diveney and belongs to a 7 yr girl pool shark ha. Just wanted to thank my sponser freind Mr pat deviney and his family for stepping it up and making this a chirstmas she will never forget. All whites ivory all inlays are ivory and paua that alternate, then all the ring done the same but ivory and paua squares with high polished sliver wrapped around each box, the ring even though alternate still line up all threw cue. Mr pat said this is first time he used this awesome ring work wasnt cheap either, one other neat fact on this cue is its on of only a few to have pats logo laser cut into pin, straight 6 ivory mine and her fav colors for venners so black and yellow 5 per point, that ambonya burl handle is sick cant wait for u guys to get to see this at SBE mr pat asked me to bring her cue to dispaly. not bad for 7 yr girl ha also mr pats a sheer pleasure to work with and will make what ever u want happen also best playing cues on the planet.. this cue is a gallrey cue ha i own quite a few gallery cues. i cant wait till next yr ill be putting in mr pats 2nd biggest cue ever right under ivory handle he made all i saying is its going to be a monster with a 5-1/2 ivory butt sleeve and half inch butt cap cut out it so when he puts it back on he can line grain up his works flawless so enjoy. That little piece of felt in ivory
Butt cap in pick is just a hair or somthing not in cue its perfect forreal flawless.


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This cue plays good as it looks and also weighs 19 flat pats
The man. This cue has most paua over ever seen it gone be my new everyday
Playing cue until my monster is done ha plus flashy cues helpes me sale.


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I didn't understand one word of the last two posts but hey. Nice cue.

- B <---------------- thinks that any person who says "money is no object" should spend some on a cleaning lady
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This cue plays good as it looks and also weighs 19 flat pats
The man. This cue has most paua over ever seen it gone be my new everyday
Playing cue until my monster is done ha plus flashy cues helpes me sale.

Looks like the handle is thuya burl, not amboyna.

Scott <<== has been wrong before


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"I've got a fever, and the only prescription is...."

More monsters !! Folks don't be shy about getting your big cues in the mix here. I know there have to be more unique and fancy 2013 cues out there that AZers have acquired but few have seen. :)