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For me, this is the cue i feel like best represents the spirit of the competition. An effort to be different and unique. That principle alone is what makes the COTY something to look forward too and worth having.



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Here is my 2013 Barnhart cue. It's not cue of the year but it's a great cue and Cory is a super guy.

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this very cue http://forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?t=345788

On this Christmas holiday I want to give a very special thanks to Sugartree " Eric Crisp ".
Just received this cue yesterday as a Christmas present from Eric & the Crisp family thank you very much for such a great present !! Just speechless when I received this cue with Eric letting me know this is my Christmas present. Not sure what else to say but a very big thank you and couldn't be any better !!!
There quite a few new Sugartree delivered during this Christmas Holiday and I'm sure for those who own these 10th Anniversary Sugartree will be a proud owner and enjoy every minute of it. Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday to you all and your love ones !!! Cheers !!!!!









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2013 cue Best of the best with ivory and copper

This post is for one of the AZer. Kenny Murrell did hella of a job on this cue.:bow-down::bow-down::bow-down:

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Here is a Burlwood cue we built in 2013. The handle is Thuya Burl and the points and butt sleeve are Madrone burl. It has a super figured elongated birdseye forearm. The large inlays, butt ring and joint are Ivory along with Abalone inlays and silver accents. While the design is not the fanciest I have built, the Abalone, Burlwoods and and Birdseye are some of the nicest I have used.

Burlwood Scepter 1-5-14.jpg
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2013 Zinzola

Here is the only 2013 cue that I have and there is a lot of work in it. Ebony on ebony with ivory and silver 2013 Zinzola.
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2013 Barry Szamboti Hoppe Cue

This cue was delivered in the late winter/early spring of 2013. I still own it. It's a great ball striker in MINT CONDITION.



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This isn't my cue. But this damned cue has caused me to go back and look at it again and again.

I think a lot of folks for this competition look at who has the fanciest, loaded up cue.

I look at what cue if I was going to buy that I would like to own. This cue just screams class, and not gaudy like so many over the top cues tend to be, IMO.

To me this is so classy.



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The Randy Mobley or Gilbert are both awesome. The Purple Reign cue is pretty sexy too...