American Billiard Radio's Dave Bond - RIP


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Thanks Angel, I was wondering what happened, it was odd that there was no obit in Tribune.
Losing Dave is a big loss, I’ve been listening to his show for years, looked forward to it every week.
I am surprised to learn I lived only a few miles south of him. I wish I could’ve met him.


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Angel, last I heard he was living in Bolingbrook with his wife and kids. He was a stay at home dad but volunteered for local govt stuff as well as doing the ABR and museum gig. Not really sure why he was now living in Chicago. Facebook still does not show anything about what's going on with services and such. Which I'm assuming has now finished. Just was hoping to attend and say bye. We've talked often but not enough though !!!


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Mr bond

Very saddened.



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Man this sucks. Just saw this.

Me and RJ and a bunch of AZ’ers met up w David a long time ago. Sargent was there too. We had a blast.

I just talked to him last month. He was researching a cue I have to find out the history on it. Too damn young. We lost a treasure to our game.


Requiescat In Pace David Benjamin Bond ... !~

David was a Facebook friend of mine and we traded funny comments back and forth on various issues or something that the other had posted ... !~ I cannot remember who asked to be the friend of the other first ... It does not matter ... What matters is that I have lost another friend who I wanted to meet at some time in my life and now I can't ...

David passed away on the 19th of January, and I just found out about his passing ... It is so sad how he passed and how I wished he had been more careful ... !~

I am shocked and saddened to hear of my friends passing and I will miss him very much ... !~

David was the owner of American Billiards Radio and the Chicago Billiards Museum and had great knowledge of the game no

matter how it was played. He was also a great source of information on the players, the cue craftsmen and companies who

supplied the cues, balls, tables, and accessories for the game ... He knew of the locations where the game had been played and

the owners of the famous rooms ... He was walking encyclopedia of all things billiards and the one person who I turned to

when I had a gap in my knowledge that I wanted to fill in ... !~
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I must say, I remain shocked and deeply saddened by this terrible news.
David was bright, engaging, gregarious and held an extremely strong desire to contribute
to the world of billiards.
His thoughtful, interesting work on ABR was an outgrowth of this desire to make a difference.
His establishment of the Chicago Billiard Museum was also toward this end.
As were all of his other activities, including his interactions on AZB.
Always engaging, extremely smart, inquisitive, and an unbelievable researcher.....and friendly.
He will be missed but not forgotten. A loss for our genre.

Will Prout

It is now April, and I Still am shocked by David's such sudden passing.
What a bright, inquisitive and contributing mind for the world and for billiards! Lost!
Thank you AzHousePro (Mike) for relocating this thread to this forum.

Will Prout
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