Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

KD Cues

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two more !

I'll try to make these larger. Kent


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Varney Cues

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As per are a few pics of my work....:)


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Varney Cues

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and thats enough pics for now....thank you for looking.:)


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Varney Cues said:
Its a radi-ballscrew-al.......................:D :D :D
Ah ok.
Got his new 3/8 10 acme screw. Very nice but I can't afford another sanding mandrel.:confused: :(


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Ok Guy be Kind...I'm a newbie and these are some of the cues that I've put together in the last 5-6 months since I've started toying around with making cues. I was really trying to learn the process of making cue so that I can better understand how my blanks can be utilized. So you can probably tell that all the cues in this pics are from my blanks.

I happy to say that I was able to sell 3 of my custom cues, not pictured. The best part is that one of them went to Parica and one to an old timer (Parica backer). They were very surprised how well my cues played. Anyhow, check them out and let me know your feedbacks. I Still have a lot to learn...maybe in another 10 years, I'll be more competent. I am proud that 2 of my creation is still dead straight on the lathe and on the table. My SR8-A conversion is dead perfect and one of my SRH conversion plays solid (feedback from alot of players in NY).

You guys can probably tell that my finish on these cue really sucks....I started out using crazy glue, then thinner CA, epoxy and then some old wood ployretane finish that work out well for me. Some of my new cue has the first 10-20 coat of CA, then I apply the wood finish and the finish wasn't bad. The SR8-A has this finish and I was actually comfortable with how it came out. It's not the greatest but as least now my cue look decent enough to be called a cue.

Also made myself a decent JumpBreak...not as good as varney but good enough to jump and break. I used Picone jump break tip which was very nice to cut. All these cues were put together using Chris H. Deluxe Cuesmith. Chris has pretty much done all the work already it seem in getting anyone up and ready for cue building. I still have a lot to learn and so far AZer has been very helpful with my questions and journey on cue building.




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