Backyard Pool


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Cheers to a guy thinking outside the box :smile: You can do anything you set your mind to do.....

Thanks for sharing



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I love that. I wonder if they use a mud cueball, red dot, or blue dot. :grin-square:


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one question: how the f*** are you going to apply english to that cue?:cool:

2nd question: railroad ties = dead rails?:eek:

And dangnabbit those diamonds better be accurate. :grin:
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Looking to play in CO
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That's some funny stuff. Can't knock him for putting that much effort and thought into it though.

Melissa Herndon

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So here's the deal. I saw this on the news the other day...and apparently it's coming to California soon. I contacted the company...and they have invited me to come play once the portable unit is installed wherever it's going to be. I will post pictures as soon as it happens.

Very excited!