Bert Kinister

Bob Jewett

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There is a Bert Kinister listed on the AZB money list. Not recently, though. Might be Bert's son.


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He was associated with Niels Feijen way back, for a little while too. Recently, Niels had a stroke video up using one of Bert's old drills. "The Mighty X".
I had forgotten I had it on VHS!....once upon a time lol.
As with all his drills, it is the real deal.
Helped me big time!


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Yes! I own and used a ton of Burt's material back in the late 90s - early 2000s on VHS. I think Burt Kinister was one of the best and most enthusiastic instructors out there. I learned a lot from a lot from other guys, like: Bugs Rucker, Buddy Hall, Jim Rempe, Jimmy Reid; but, Bert was THE GUY who would motivate you to get down in the basement and 'hit that shot 100 times' and 'do the work'. Burt Kinister is certainly a champion teacher/coach/instructor. Burt would train you the way boxers are trained in the gym. I can't say enough good things about him!