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Is Cornerstone still in business?
No site update in a long time.
He posts on his cornerstrone Facebook page and I believe were at the Super Billiards Expo but I cannot comment further. He lists the number as (734) 693-3177.


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Is Cornerstone still in business?
No site update in a long time.
I spoke with Bill over the phone a couple of months ago regarding a cue and he told me his site was hacked last year and he has no ability to access it - none of the cues on there are still for sale.

I can't speak to the status of his business, nor to his business practices - I've only had that one call with him. He seemed very nice, and tried to sell me lots of things besides the Scruggs I was asking about. Considering selling things is how he puts food on the table, I don't much hold this against him.


I purchased a Richard Black cue from Bill last year. I live about 50 miles from his home, so I went over there to look at his cues and make my selection.

He has a lot of very nice cues from all the choice makers. Also, no attitude, no bullshit, all cues in top condition and reasonable prices.

I am completely satisfied with my purchase, and plan to buy more cues from him in the future.


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I bought a Hercek from Bill a number of years ago. I received the cue before I sent him the check. Also bought a Tascarella from him. No issues ever, completely nice guy to me.

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I was just curious after seeing this thread and the last date on his site.
I bought a Perry Weston cue from him about 10 years ago, smooth deal and a great cue. Too bad about the hacking. I liked browsing his site for cues.


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In some ways I think this thread should be pulled. It damages Bills reputation and is questionable at best in accuracy. Just not sure it is accurate or not.

I have bought from Bill in the past and it was nothing but perfect. The same has been said by many while the title paints a very different picture..


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Strange he can't get into his site. The host should be able to rectify that?
Strange indeed. Probably domain and hosting via GoDaddy, which is not one of your better companies for that. I have always kept domains and hosting separate. uses the generic top-level domain (gTLD) .net, which is administered by VeriSign Global Registry Services. The domain has been registered since July 12, 2011 and will expire without renewal on July 12, 2023. It is currently assigned through registrar, LLC. The WHOIS data for the domain was last updated on July 12, 2020.

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It has been my experience that a few folks who sell consignment cues sell them and fail to report the sale for as long as they can in order to use the money themselves like a no-interest loan.

This is why there is an extremely short list of humans I would give anything on consignment to.

I hate it. So much can go wrong and often does.