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Custom Pool Room (Project Pics)

I have come across several projects on-line where several individuals have documented there progress and I have really enjoyed following them. So I figured it be nice to share my latest project of building my Custom Pool Room. I am on a budget and as to be able to build such a project I will be performing all of the work myself as I do with all of my projects.
I am an Engineering Tech Designer with a back ground in Archetictural and Structural design. I have been working with AutoCad for the last 22 years. My real passion is building anything and everything. My father was a builder and carpenter, he's now retired.
I started planning the Room back in March with the support of my wife. It's located in back of my lot. Fortunately I have a large lot. As most of my projects it started as a drawing. I designed the layout about seven years ago thinking "one day", well that day came this year when my wife told me if I built her the privacy fence she's been wanting, I can do anything I want. Well that fence went up in nine days!! The following week I started the final design work and submitted the plans to the city for permitting. I had an issue with set back requirements, but got it resolved and started the project in late March.
Here are some pictures of the progress and I'll continue to update this post as the project continues.


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Here I am almost done framing the structure completely. Thats my Dad in the previous picture above.
I'm on a budget and need to keep cost down. I designed the trusses and built a jig on the structure floor. I spent $590 on materials and saved over $2300 by not ordering them which in my opinion are more stronger than what your typical hardware stores order. Instead of using small metal staples I used OSB gussets and PF-400 construction adhesive with ring shank nails to construct the trusses.

As seen in the lower pics I have already installed the 26g metal roof. Got a great deal on it too btw. Also you will notice the different window openings. I decided to resize them so they would be the same height as the door.

I also just picked up the Hardie plank siding, just need to install the house wrap and I can start with the siding.


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Tom In Cincy

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I hope you have many fantastic times in your room. What a great project. Just remember to have a picture of your 'backer' on the wall somewhere.

Great Job


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Two words: Sweet and Kegerator !!!! oh yea and Diamond !!:dance:

Doin the happy dance for ya !


I am so green with envy right now.
Looks like your going to have lots of room for a Diamond table, big screen tv, lazy boys and refrigerator with lots of beer.
Be sure to get this all at once...:D
Keep the pics coming and congratulation on the new pool room.


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Nice start, it would be nice to have a new pool room, what is the size.


thats an inspiring first posts. love it!

i have had an idea like this all my life as well. my input..... have you thought about sound proofing? my dream room has a little bar in it, a couch, a tv mounted high on one of those hosptal brackets, and a decent stereo. a decent soundproofing job can be done pretty cheaply from what ive seen. a good one will really cost though.

good luck with it all.

edit: if u wanna research soundproofing, a good start is musicians forums.
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Looks Great

Seriously though, better put in an alarm system if you intend to keep any valuable cues out there and keep the heat & air conditioning operational year roound if needed to prtect cues against needless heat & coldness contraction & expansion....the alarm (even simply audible) is to alert you or your neighbors that somone is in there and probably not to practice either. Stand alone buildings need to be treated and considerebreak-ind the same as if it was attached to your house where there shouldn't be any concerns about theft or environmental conditions....just a move to put in a 1/2 least that what the design resembles.


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Pool Room

Thanks for the kind words. I guess I should explain some details. The main playing room is 20' x32' with the west section housing the storage closet a/c central system and half bath. I designed it to accommodate 3 nine foot tables, but I will only be putting in 2 tables. The extra space is for an 8' foot bar and TV sitting area.
I was asked what kind of tables are going in, well I just picked up 2 o.s 8' Brunswick Medalist. I plan to refinish these which I will also include pictures of the project when I get started. My main concern at the moment is wiring for the lighting (sconces, recessed cans, track lighting, ceiling speakers and cable TV) and other items I need before I begin the insulation stage. I'm on a budget so it's somewhat of a slow process. I hope to be done by November.
I will post more pics on Monday and also the design layout.
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Pool Room

Here the house wrap was applied right before the Hardie siding went on. That's my Dad again. Without him I wouldn't be this far. At this stage I'm right at around $4200. I had estimated $5000 to get the structure dried in but I got a deal on the Hardie siding from 84 Lumber and saved $600!! The sub floor is very solid. I used 2x8's 16" o.c on triple gurders and attached the 3/4" using PF400 construction adhesive and ring shanked nails. The walls are also 16" o.c's.


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Floorplan Billiard Room

To give the readers an idea, here is the floorplan design. It evolved from a single table 18'x20' design into this 20'x38' Billiard Room. Since the room will be one big open floor plan I decided to make the ceiling heigths 9', this will give it a more open feel. The theme I'm shooting for is an upscale Billiard Room. I cringe when friends refer to it as my Mancave. No foos table, darts or card tables, just pool tables with a bar and a few flat screen TV's.
You will notice I designed for cable connections along with outlets at all four corners.
I will build a custom 8' oak bar with glass shelves and mirror backing along with accent lighting.
The A/C ducts will be exposed giving it an industrial feel.


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Scott Lee

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dsoriano...That's a GREAT project you've got going there, and I can tell you that many of us are jealous! Perhaps some kind of AzB open house when it is completed?

Scott Lee ~ waiting for my invitation!


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The only problem I see is you have to walk through bad weather to play pool. That is unless you install a bed in the detached room. I wish I had your problem! Keep us posted.

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Don't forget to wire the Live Stream Camera's to the back storage closet and let the bar croonies commentate the live action!