DCC One Pocket - final rounds


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Efren needs to win this quickly or he likely wont win the whole thing. Another match like w Alex and he wont have much left. I know i wouldnt.


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I’m sorry but every time I see final and 1p in the same sentence it screams ‘oxymoron’ to me, one hole never ends! Same reaction as ‘happily married’, ‘military intelligence’ .. etc. A friend of mine once said if you want to end the homeless problem teach them 1 hole. They’ll hang out at the hall all day and night like the other 1 holer’s and no one else will notice.
I used to think 3 cushion was slow until I found out 3 cushion players watch 1 hole matches to help them sleep 😛
We use a 40 second shot clock, it can't be too slow!