Final Mosconi Cup tickets remaining after extra seats added!


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From the homepage:

"WITH JUST ten days to go until the Mosconi Cup explodes into action, promoters Matchroom Sport can announce that they have added some extra seating to the arena at the Mirage as the event nears sell-out status.

The original number of seats has now been sold completely but a few additional seats are now available for sale.

‘After having looked at the seating plans, we’ve managed to add some extra seats in which is great news as the tickets for this year’s Mosconi have been selling like hot cakes.’ said Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn.

‘Tickets are available from Ticketmaster and direct from the Mirage, and I am anticipating a record attendance for the Mosconi Cup.

The Mosconi Cup takes place at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas from Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th December and features two five-man teams representing the USA and Europe.

The Europeans are the defending champions, having won 11-9 in London last December, their fifth win in six years.

Tickets are available from or directly from the Mirage on (+1) 702 792 7777 or 1-800-963-9634.

The 2013 Mosconi Cup is delighted to work with our valued sponsors –Diamond Billiards: Tables; Iwan Simonis: Official Cloth; Aramith: Official Balls and Predator: Official Cue."


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...There's been a lot of work backstage to ensure this event would be great, and it's looking very promising!

The biggest setup in the Mirage room for the Mosconi Cup will exceed 600 seats, which is more than the MGM, and the York Hall...

Matchroom will probably sell more thant 2,500 combined tickets for the four days. Food for thoughts after all the discussions about a dying sport (in other threads)

Can't wait. we hope to see many of you there!!! :)


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Man I wish I could go to this. I truly believe that the Mosconi Cup isn't just one of the best pool events all year long, but one of the best sporting events. At least it's one of my favorites. I love tension and pressure and the Mosconi Cup has it in spades.


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Without a doubt, this is *the* most exciting thing going on in pool right now. Can't wait to watch it unfold.



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Does anyone know if there will be general pool merchandise sold at the venue?

Bob Jewett

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Does anyone know if there will be general pool merchandise sold at the venue?

I don't know for sure this year, but in the past there have been only a few items that were all event-related like posters.


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I think the future of pro pool is...

I think this type of format with groups will be the future of pro pool.

I also think that American rotation is the future of pro pool. Combine a team based format like the mosconi cup with a game that separates the men from the boys like american rotation and I think you have something.

Me and Rob Saez got to play a little american rotation last night and we were earlier discussing it's merits and he agrees with me.

We were both dead tired by the time we played and we only played to 50 points, but it was still fun.

It gives both parties an equal chance, requires break outs, phenomenal position play and the better player is most likely to win every time it's played.

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I can get a few of these comped at the Mirage if anyone is interested. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to go or not. If I do then I can probably score a few extras, but If I don't go they probably won't transfer the comp but I can always check. Pm me if anyone is interested and I'll call my host tomorrow and see if they can transfer the tickets to someone even if I can't get out to Vegas.