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My forum pet peeves:

1) If you are going to go to the trouble to post something, go the extra step and proof read it for the forum members. I don't know how many post I have read that didn't read correctly and made no sense. I was left having to guess what the writer was trying to say.

2) When people post a question either answer it in as much detail as you can and support your case if you can, or make a funny comment if you want, but don't be a dick just for the sake of being a dick, and don't give one word answers like your word is gospel and you are above having to give an explanation.

3) See numbers 1 and 2.

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1. Posting a written joke, youtube link or comments (i.e. "that's a funny picture") in the Funny Pic/Gif Thread.

2. Holy roller posters
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Pet Peeves

I've got a lot of problems with this forum.

Like when someone quotes their own post.


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LOL....I actually don't have any pet peeves like that since I can dismiss all of them.

My pet peeve is that damn stickys....especially if you are online via a cell phone screen...they take up too much space on the damn front page.

At least make the stickys a "drop up" option......If you want to see the on the button that expands them up...(aka drop up)


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Its very simple for me:

- not showing others respect (e.g., name calling)

Its ok to disagree, after all this is a forum, but please do so whithout disrepecting others.

And if you don't like my avatar, then....tuff :).


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SK Custom Cues

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- What cue has the best hit threads
- Any threads to do with low deflection
- Production vs. custom
- Poor spelling & grammar
- Spamming
- Any thread claiming that there is something better than Kamui Black tips!
- Dick swinging contests
- Someone who gets their panties in a wad and gets defensive when in fact they are in the wrong & refuses to get real and admit it! This place would be a much better place if people would accept a more humble attitude instead of, "I'm such a badass who knows everything!"


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What's yours? I mean, surely we all have at least one. Without getting into any finger-pointing or blaming, share with us what bothers you the most regarding this lovely forum and its members.

Mine is a simple one. I can't stand when people quote a previous post, but don't consider the size of it first, and don't have the common sense to condense it down.

For example, when someone is quoting a post with a bunch of pictures - which happens quite frequently in the Wanted/For Sale forum, the Cue Gallery forum, and here in the Main Forum - and what we end up with is seven posts in a row with the same pictures because no one deleted them.

Same with long posts. No need to quote the entire thing. Condense it down, or delete everything you're not quoting so we don't have to scroll through the same post a half dozen times as more people quote it.

There, now I feel better about my pet peeve! :thud:

What's yours?
condescending posts and people that spell/grammer check other people's posts


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Posters that put another poster or posters on "ignore" only to troll the ignored posters. Then under a pseudonym make comments about the ignored poster or posters.:rolleyes:


When announcing a tournament please include the city and state not just the name of the pool hall. It drives me crazy to take the time to search for it only to find out it's 2000 miles away. thanks


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Posters who write 1 long paragraph a mile long.

People who don't even try to spell write. Buy a $3 dictionary.

People that turn every post into something Political.

People that come on here to b*tch without giving any details (then why did you put it on a public forum).

And cuemakers that don't have any sense of color coordination (Oops, how that get in there!).


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I hate the "I know I am not suppose to post it here threads, but"
Usually they come in the for sale section.:(
Like "Please help ID this cue"

Like others have mentioned I think deleting unnecessary parts of long post quotes is a courteous thing to do. :rolleyes:
Very seldom do we need to quote all of a long post.
You can highlight & delete impertinent parts before submitting. :idea2:
It makes for a lot less scrolling. :D

#1 PEEVE is the lack of these I see. :thumbup:
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Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posters who write 1 (long paragraph a mile long.) replace with (mile long paragraph)

People who don't even try to spell write. Buy a $3 dictionary.
Is that write?
Oh know my spellchecker didn't no i meant the left out right.
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I was going to respond, but 2 things changed my mind.

1. I would piss off probably 80% of the posters here

2. Someone said they didn't like long posts (sorry, you only get one pass from me on that):D


1. Bad grammar and spelling really bugs me.

2. Sentences that go on for 7 lines with no punctuation. You know, the ones that you have to read 6 times to figure out what they are trying to say.