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Daycab driver pulls into a truck stop and looks to rent a room for the night. He’s seen all the local lot lizards before and they just don’t do anything for him. He runs into the local pimp and tells him that he wants something different. “I got just the girl for ya,” the pimp says. “Go upstairs and get ready. She’ll be right up.”

Driver is naked as a jay bird, laying on the bed, balls blowing in the breeze. The door bursts open, and in struts a mountain of a woman. She’s huffin’! She’s puffin’! She leans over and grabs her knees, right before letting out a massive fart that blows the drivers hair back.

“Are you okay woman?” asked the driver.

“I’m hurricane Bertha, and these are the winds that’ll blow you into the sea!”

“Well, I can live with that,” the driver says.

Bertha climbs on top of the driver and starts vigorously shaking her breasts back and forth, smacking the driver in the face, HARD, over and over.

“What are you doing, woman?” asks driver.

“I’m hurricane Bertha, and these are the coconuts falling from the trees that’ll bang you on the head.”

“Well, I guess I can live with that,” replies the driver.

All of a sudden the behemoth rises up and starts peeing all over the driver. “What are you doing now woman?” he asks.

“These are the warm tropical rains that come with Hurricane Bertha,” she replies.

Driver gets out of bed and starts heading for the door. “Where you goin’ driver?” Hurricane Bertha asks.

“Who the hell can fuck in this kind of weather!?!” replies the driver as he slams the door behind him.
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