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People often ask why I got divorced.

Let me explain.

It was my birthday, on year, and my wife didn't say "Happy Birthday" as I left for work.
What's worse is my kids didn't say Happy Birthday either.
When I got to work, nobody said a damned thing about my Birthday except my secretary.
My secretary greeted me with a big smile and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOSS" and said she'd like to take me to lunch.
Heading to lunch, she stopped in front of her house and said she had something for me inside and asked me to come in.
Naturally, I obliged.
With a wink in her eye, she said she was going into the bedroom for a minute and would be right out.
About 5 minutes later the bedroom door opens and out comes my wife, kids, and colleagues all saying "SURPRISE!".
And surprise it was with me sitting there in my birthday suit.


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