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Smorg is giving St Peter the 7!
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I have seen those and even stronger bear traps. Some have multi-leaf springs and a device for opening them. They were used to discourage runaway slaves too. Stepping into one of those at night could cause you to lose a leg. Somebody proudly used a bear trap to mark their driveway down on the Mississippi River for years. I happened to stop at the house for another reason and in talking I mentioned what that trap found locally was probably used for. They took it down soon afterwards!

The dog made me think of my wife and my pit bull pup about six months old or so. We often took him with us but couldn't one day. He destroyed her purse. She sat him down and made him jam his nose in the corner for fifteen minutes or so. Anytime he would start to move she would make an angry noise and back tight into the corner the nose would go! I couldn't have beaten him with a horsewhip and him been as effectively punished!



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If he falls, I dont think that helmet will do much for him.
Stating the bloody obvious here I think, but those helmets protect obviously against anything from above rather than falling, though it is neat when you climb on areas slightly overhanging where you might bang your head against rock and any slight dizziness might make you slip and potentially die … well rather look stupid there 😂 ok he manages this without the helmet though 🙈


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I'm bored and ready for football season. Not perfect, but a decent effort, even if I do say so myself...

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