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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ping.
Looks like a brittany mix. We have two, sisters from different litters. The mom is a pure brittany, dads are whatever got to her on the farm, possibly beagle or terrier.

Those girls are such good dogs. They try to please their people so much they almost have anxiety issues. Sweetest dogs every, they lose their minds when you come in the door, even if you've only went to the mailbox. They really get to "talking." Good watch dogs because they will make a ton of noise if any activity on the outside happens. They love attention and really tune in to their people. You gotta be real careful with them when they get into mischief. A simple no will make them act like this, they are just real balls of anxiety. I hope whoever filmed this gave them some pets after the cleanup. Getting caught in the act of mischief and one firm "no" will usually stop that unwanted behavior from then on out. They are very sensitive pups so you want to only provide gentle corrections. Even with the most gentle talk, they need some reassurance and pets after the fact. They pick up on body language very quickly. Often they understand if you're pleased without a word.

They both love fetching a ball and it's a joy to watch them run. They have really athletic type bodies and will often bound like a deer when they get into chasing a rabbit or something. Their favorite game is to run in progressively tighter circles until one of them wipes out. It's hilarious to see them play this game, they really get to kicking dirt! They dog so hard that they almost forget how to dog! 😂

We also have a terrier who lives for chasing squirrels. He doesn't like the chase game with the brittanys but he will fetch a ball until your arm wears out. He's an even better watch dog, to the point nothing gets past his patrol when looking out the window. He's got that terrier brain though, he wants to please you, but when he's doing something he really wants to do (be it watching you eat or barking at a cat outside) it's almost impossible to distract the terrier brain from what it's up to.

If I get into that terrier brain mode while playing pool, dead stroke is soon to follow! 🤣


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I have seen those and even stronger bear traps. Some have multi-leaf springs and a device for opening them. They were used to discourage runaway slaves too. Stepping into one of those at night could cause you to lose a leg. Somebody proudly used a bear trap to mark their driveway down on the Mississippi River for years. I happened to stop at the house for another reason and in talking I mentioned what that trap found locally was probably used for. They took it down soon afterwards!

The dog made me think of my wife and my pit bull pup about six months old or so. We often took him with us but couldn't one day. He destroyed her purse. She sat him down and made him jam his nose in the corner for fifteen minutes or so. Anytime he would start to move she would make an angry noise and back tight into the corner the nose would go! I couldn't have beaten him with a horsewhip and him been as effectively punished!