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i wanted to post this here and i hope most of my waiting list sees it.

due to the economic crisis i am going to have to take a full time job which will severely limit my already limited cue-building.i have a very long waiting list and i apologize to all that have been waiting patiently.i will keep the list and put it into effect when i get back to building full time.the places will be the same when i come back.

i feel terrible about making people wait and then having to cancel my waiting list,but i have no choice.i will be able to mek 5-10 cues per year now and will post them for sale here at AZ.

i want to thank everyone who has ordered cues from me in the past and i hope i can get back on track financially so i can make them full time again soon.

i currently have about 12 cues that are almost complete that i am frantically trying to finish before i get said job.most of you getting a cue this batch are aware that i am getting close.i will have pics of the current batch soon and will send out PM's getting weight,shaft diameter and tip type when i get a little closer.the current cues need 2 more passes on the taper machine and then i will finish them.

thanks again to all my customers previous,current and future here at AZ.and again i apologize for not being able to finish out my waiting list.

i will still be able to do repair work and make extra shafts and whatever else may be needed to my cues currently out there.

mason houghland


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You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm sure all your fans understand and support you. That just makes what's out there even more valuable! :D Glad that you will continue to make cues even on a limited level. I'm sure it will continue to be a great stress reliever for you and a little helpful $ on the side. Good luck with the new job.


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Thank You

Good luck with getting your new job, wish you well. Thank you for the help with my cue.
Take Care,


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Sorry to hear about this. If you lived here in Muskogee, I would suggest working with me at the Veterans Affairs, they are about to hire 450 people, starting at 45k a yr.


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Got to do what you got to do Mason. You make great cues, both in looks and in how they play, but taking care of your family and yourself is far more important.

Make some coco/maple cues to sell would ya?


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Maybe some good will come out of it, by making your cues harder to get, therefore making each cue you make worth more, which will enable you to get back to making cues full time sooner.

Good Luck with your new job!