help please....butt stuck in case


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the butt feels like it's snagged or hooked on something ,
I can kind of wiggle it side to side but cannot rotate it and cannot pull it out even with a fair amount of force

thanks in advance


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Few problems can't be solved with the proper application of HE.(High Explosive)

OK, HE might not be the best solution here. I would put a shaft on the cue just for a handle. Then I would shake rattle and roll! If there is any movement it should be possible to increase it unless it is fiber wrapped or tangled on the cue. I would still bring it in front of a TV or other distraction and work the cue around for a few hours or until it comes out. An application of a corn starch based powder should help.

One possible "last resort" effort might be to drill a hole in the bottom of the case. A rod being able to apply direct pressure on the problem and a few sharp raps on the rod with a hammer should move almost anything. A hole just over a half inch and a half inch quality aluminum or stainless rod should do the trick. Might damage a rubber bumper but with a little care that should be the worst that happens. The hole in the bottom of the case is easily repaired and you are back in business.

I don't know what your pin thread is but if you can connect a body shop style slide hammer to the top of the butt that might work wonders too.

Good Luck!



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put a joint protector on butt. find a place to slam/smack/hit case with something to absorb force of butt hitting it when it releases. did the butt go in case as normal? what kind of cue/case?