John Henderson One Pocket HOF ceremony tonight


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Mr John Henderson one pocket HOF life time achievement award ceremony live tonight from Buffalo Billiards via pool action tv tonight! Much Deserved! I wish I could be there but I don't arrive until tomorrow. Tune in, should be great!


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Yup, Hendy is a well respected and well liked figure in the game. He always greets me with courtesy and congeniality at Derby City. Congratulations, John.

jay helfert

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I never saw him turn down a game and it took a very good player to beat him.


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It was a very nice ceremony. It started out with the late Freddy the Beard reciting a poem about pool greats, and then Mary Kennison gave a tribute to John and spoke about his legacy in pool. Keith spoke about his friendship with John for a few minutes via audio recording. John was there with his son and lady on virtual recording and spoke about his love and passion for pool, how it all started. There were many photos and memories shared. It was sweet! It lasted about 45-ish minutes, I'd say. John was presented the plaque, and you could see he really, really appreciated this honor.


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congratulation to you john
well deserved
couldnt happen to a nicer guy