Junk yard cue


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I think the conversation went something like this.

Justin" How much deposit to built a cue"

Me " I don't take depostits unless the cue will be to ugly to sell and if it is that ugly, I may not build it"

Justin, with a sad face " I want a cue, like you would see on the start of the Fat Albert show, where they are playing musical insturments made from junk yard parts"

Me, with a bewildered face "OK"

Justin " I want a house cue conversion. Where the points don't line up, a duct tape wrap and veneers drawn on with a Sharpie. Oh and I want your logo to be big on a long white butt cap.

Me " with a bewildered face "OK"

Justin " You will build it then?"

Me "OK, I might need a deposit on that and you have to come do the 'veneers' "

Here is Justin's junk yard cue!




And so the shaft felt special too! It's a purple dot shaft!

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i just puked on my monitor....i would say that its a good thing he lives in the middle of podunk, but its too late, now that the world has seen it.

Atleast nobody can complain about glue lines!


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That is without a doubt the fanciest duct tape wrap I have ever seen! But as far as the marker drawn veneers are concerned he should have sent it to Eddie Wheat, I heard he is good with a marker!:yikes:


AKA Larry Vigus
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Thanks! expect a duct tape wrap fixture to be marketed soon! I knew I couldn't compete on the "veneers". That's why I have the owner come do them!



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Hi, everybody. I was just talking to Larry and he said I should come on here and take some of the credit/blame for the cue.

The idea for the cue was mine. So all the negative comments about the theme of the cue should be directed at me, while all the positive comments on the craftsmanship of the cue should go to Larry.


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Destined to become one of the classics.

A black light finish would add to the wow effect while it sits in its displace case. :D


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What clinched the deal for me was the little smiley face in the purple dot....


(sorry...couldn't find a purple smiley face...only yellow:smile:)


AKA Larry Vigus
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I don't know if I should be happy or sad. This cue has gotten more comments than any cue I posted on here yet. Thanks!