Keith McCready's US Open monster stroke shot.

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pool is stupid and i hate all of you
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Not surprised I missed this one before, this match they both start very poorly and never really watched far into the video


from way back when
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keith was an incredible player when he was on. thats for sure. and one of the top players for spectators to watch. and a good person too boot.

his small problem was he believed he could do anything and didnt play smart enough pool. especially when 10 ball came into play where it wasnt a run out on open tables as often.


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If the horse track hadn't been so close to the poolhall Keith woulda' been a millionaire. Pure horse sucker. As for the shot, its one of my favorites. I love power hitting the high inside shot.
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Do what works for YOU!
Keith breaks every "rule" of good pool fundamentals but he sure made it work for him.
He is fun(Earl also) to watch unlike many of the robots we have playing today.
Unfortunately, from a fan's perspective, this is all too correct.
But in defense of the modern top players, they HAVE to "play like robots" to win.
The competition is just too good, the tables are faster, and the pockets are smaller.
You can't be "loose" anymore if you expect to succeed at the top level.