King of caps creates another crown


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Thank you Alton, it's the finishing touch.


AKA Larry Vigus
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They look great. I am honored to build a cue worthy of Alton’s caps. Thank you Tommy for having them made.



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I really enjoy seeing the gems coming out from Alton's shop.
Beautiful work and thank you Tommy for posting the pictures.


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Thank You Guys

Hello guys, Thanks for posting.
Larry, your scrolling inlay on the Joint Collar is another way of the cuemaker
designing his cue. Noting wrong with that.. :)

For me, I had to make sure I do not add on stuff on the Cue Cap, as, to not overtake, or, overpower the Original design.
But, I do realise the Owner still might want to cover the Joint Screw, and still have a nice colsure at the top.
So, I did not put anything on the sides.

Josh, :embarrassed2: 99.9% do not realize the cost of machining and do not reply after they find out.
To much inconsiderate guys nowdays. So, I stopped and only do for guys I know.
Hi Chris, Hi Myron..
Wow, 10years ... Lots have changed here from a decade ago. What happen to all the guys from the good ol' days.
When had Tikkler, Dennis Searing, ICCS, and, the cues was flowing. BB Tony cues, Thomas Wayne, Ginacues.. :(
I meet a lot of you at the SBE at Valley Forge. Saw Tommy T there too. :)
On another note..
Guys, there is no "Best" in Joint Portectors. There are many guys making them, and, they all have their own style, level of excecution/workmanship,
and, they fill in all the players/collectors needs.
There are guys making simple low cost (Cheap is a negative word) JPs, for those who just want something a bit nicer than the standard black delrin ones.
There are those who make low cost/ecomomical JPs, for the pool Player that wants something nice and matching,
but, does not want to worry about losing them or damaging in their evryday useage.
And, ther are the collectors, who want something that would bring a nice closure when displaying their cues.
So, Gentlemen, Joint Protectors is not a pissing contest. There is no "Best".
I am not the best.. :eek: But, I try to make nice JP's.

The one who made your cue, is the best. That cuemaker has the same wood, rings, his sizes..
"The Cuemaker is the best JP Maker"- Alton Takata

" Joint Protectors - The Rodney Dangerfield of Pool Cue Accessories"- Alton Takata
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My Saying

"Ignorance is not a bad word, but,
it does cause a lot of problems
" - Alton Takata
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these pictures are first class
the cue really did turn out beautiful

there is not much doubt that Larry Vigus is aa true master
in cue building


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Denoc.. :smile:

Do you know me.. Alton ? :smile:
I make Cue Caps..:smile:
Remember this " THE KLING " , Leather Cotton Jacket?
I used to have a Pro Shop in the '90's.. , and, I sold these and others there.

I sent you this as a gift.. thinking of you.. :smile:
You never bought anything from me.. many don't :smile:
Yes, it was from me "Alton" :smile: , and Ken..

I do not go out at night anymore, so, I told Ken, and,
when I saw you had a Kling Pool Table, I told Ken I'd send it to you as a "Gift", from him and me and,
Ken paid the postage to you,
since it would be super cool if you have this matching Leather Jacket to accompany your historical famous Kling Pool Table.

Yes, it was me. Alton Takata The Cue Cap guy..
That jacket was a $200 in the '90's.
Made by George Michaels / Winning Garb..
They sold Pool Clothing in the '90's and had a line of "SPORT OF THE 90's" clothing with that slogan.
I think most of the old players and cuemakers knew about it.

>>> Yes, Dean it was me,. and now, you don't even know me ,or ,mention me :rotflmao:

Im my time in the pool indusrty, I have given away $$$ of stuff.
All you guys know who got free stuff, know , I gave free stuff and work. No one in this industry gives out anything.


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BIGGER in Texas
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Cue & Caps

That's what I call team work. Great Cue & Great Caps. Congrats Tommy. Dan