Klein Cues SBE sneak peak


Steve Klein Custom Cues
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Bridged veneers. One sold, one will be in my booth 410.
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Very, very nice...

I hope it will still be there on Friday.

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Those look awesome, Steve. Looking forward to seeing them in person.


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Man I love well executed bridged veneers!! Cues look great and I love the notched diamonds as well!


Gotta have that cue!
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The veneers look awesome, great choice of colors. Whats the specs on those?
Thanks for sharing, Jake​


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Okay, this is total B.S.!!! Those of us who can't get to the SBE get "teased" and will never get to see the rest of the cues because there's no way these are coming back from the SBE...well unless they're already spoken for!!! ;) (All kidding tones intented...)


I've always been VERY impressed with your work and can't wait to have the opportunity to play one some day! LOVE the bridged veneers!



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Steve is being modest... there will be 5 new Kleins in our booth 435... One Bushkaesque cue from the other thread and 4 old school monsters....

One is an ivory propeller cue and is smoking....

Steve didn't mention he is currently taking orders for 2013... :D


Ok here is one....


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stunning bridged veneers...it's been a long time since i saw one on AZ and like many have commented it looks dam well executed...


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Bridged Veneer Cues

Amazing work Mr. Klein.
Absolutely love my Klein cue.
Looks like I better get an order in soon or I will be old before I get another one.

Congrats and good luck at the show !!