My friend, road partner and brother is gone

Alf Taylor

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The tears are still in my eyes as I tell many of Jacks and my friends that he passed away last night in Galveston Texas. His wife, Cozy was at his side. A lot of stories abound in the pool world about Jack. In a world where slipping around was necessary, Jack could slip with the best of them. He was a real good pool player, a competent golfer and no stranger to cards. But, that was the Jack you all knew. At home or with his kids and grand kids he was loved with an intensity. I'm so happy that less than a month ago I got to spend a few days with him where he took me into his game room and ran out on me for hours.
To get the real picture of what kind of man Jack was you would have had to talk to Eddie Taylor or Minnesota Fats. Both were great friends and hustling partners with him. If you get a chance to talk to Buddy Hall, I'm sure he feels the same.
Jack taught me the game and tricks of the road when I was a kid. If you've read my book, you'll see how he also punched me out of some pretty tight spots. He wasn't like anyone else.
Oh Lord! How much I miss him already. Please, God. Bless and keep him.
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Very sorry for your loss, Mr. Taylor. I enjoyed reading your book, best regards.


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Sorry for your loss old buddy

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know how close you two were. For those
who didn't know him, he was surely one of a kind. He was a good player and always
fun to be around. He had that rare gift of story telling, like Fats, and Puckett and
would have the whole crowd laughing. I would like to tell one quick story that still
makes me laugh. At the Cotton Palace years ago the cops would arrest you for
vagrancy if you didn't have a job. They once arrested Georgia Slim on Easter.
Anyway, Jack comes in looking all worried and shaken, says boy I was lucky.
The cops stopped and started hasseling me about if I had a job. I told them sure
I do, I work at the Domino Factory putting dots on dominos but I'm off today because
the're making double blanks.Corny, but the way Jack told it it had the whole place
in stiches.
your buddy,
jack potter


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Silver Member sympathy. Many of us know the hurt when a dear friend passes...


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Sad news Alfie..Anyone who knew you two, knew how close you were..He lived a long, full life !..Nice little chat on the phone this morning, looking forward to seeing you soon !...RIP Jack Taylor 1928-2015

Your Friend, Dick

PS..Hi Jack Potter, long time no see ! (San Jose Dick)
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Saddened by this news. Wishing you and yours better times ahead. Sorry for your loss.


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Sad news indeed


I am so sorry to hear this news. Please accept my sincere condolences for your lost of a brother and one of your best friends.

I have so many memories of Jack, his quick wit and funny stories, his smooth pool game, and his friendliness toward me. I remember the time, back at Cotton Bowling Palace, when both of us were experiencing cash flow difficulties. Jack had brought a sandwich with him and offered to share it with me. I don't remember whether I ate half of his sandwich, but I will always remember that act of generosity.

The first time I ever saw Jack, he was practicing on a table at Cotton Palace. He was running balls effortlessly, just throwing 15 balls out on the table and shooting them in. A friend of mine walked up and I offered to bet $2 that the stranger on the table in front of us would run the remaining balls on the table, probably about 10 balls, without a miss. Just after my friend took me up on the bet, Jack started passing up easy shots in favor of banking some of the balls and I thought my bet was about to cost me $2. But it didn't; Jack continued making balls until they were all gone. And from what you've told me lately, he was still playing at a high level right to the end.

At least we can be comforted by the fact that he lived a long life that was brim full of great experiences. The world has become a less interesting place with this loss.

Scott Lee

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Sorry for your loss Alfie. Your book really painted a great picture of what Jack was like, and thankfully there are several here who can recount stories about Jack that will live on forever! :D

Scott Lee


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My condolences for your loss. I really enjoyed the stories about you and your brother from your book.


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Very sorry for your loss and his family's loss. At least
he lived a long life and was loved by many. May he
rest in peace. I wish I had known him, it sounds
like I really missed out. My condolences to you Sir.
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Jack Justis

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Sorry to hear this Alfie. After reading your book, it was like I knew him personally. Were thinking of you and Judy in this sad time.

Jack & Toots


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We are deeply saddened by your loss, and will keep you, Jack, Cozy and your loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.

Will and Rhoda Prout