One more****PETE TONKIN 11/20/13


Broken Lock
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This is stupid nice. I was wondering how he out do the last one you posted. Although I'm more fond of the other, this is of the same caliber. Kudos, and congrats to both of you!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


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WOW!!! Your cue collection is above and beyond what most anyone could ever dream. Another beauty. Thanks for showing.


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Hey Steve
Very nice piece of art. The more I see I am wondering about the old school cues for my collection.


we'll miss you
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love that blue and everything else too
way to go pete!!


Broken Lock
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Not to start the whole design theft debate, but I would love to see some one try to steal this design. When I think of stuff that can't be ripped off, it's a cue like this.

Petros Andrikop

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Although there was already a nice inlay shown in the first pics, that didn't prepare the viewer for the handle section, simply another amazing cue, so far the "ring" cue remains my favorite though.
Congrats once again!


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Monster, Monster, Monster

This is one of the top cues I've seen this year, it's killer!!!! :thumbup:


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Three in a roll...... :smile:
Each one stunning...
Pete's reputation is soaring....
Thanks for posting Steve....



Steve Klein Custom Cues
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Pete Tonkin

Come on Steve, your killing us.
I'd use the term three-peat, but Pat Riley has trademarked that.
Great 3 cues


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This is another stunning cue from one of the best...I used up all my vocabs to describe the other two tonkins...wish you mentioned there would be a third, then I could use those words of admiration sparingly..

Pete's veneer work has already been certified awesome so nothing more I could add there. The inlays on the handle section are just so dam beautiful...

Pete told me you were saving the best for last and I think he's wrong...of the 3 Tonkins you showed there's not one I'd single out as a favorite or would be willing to give up. They're amazing and beautiful in their rights, there's just something so special about each of them which.

I love each and every Tonkin you've showed in the forum including the ones last year. Thanks for sharing!


I'm back
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this Man knows how to work perfect with his CNC, damn that looks perfect.
I'm not more going on his bandwagon, as i have done:(
some CM brokes me in the past:sorry: