Please pray for billy mack

Alf Taylor

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Hello azbilliards friends.
Billy Manning, known in our circles as Billy Mack, is fighting an aggressive stomach cancer in Phoenix. I knew Billy in the 70s and have become close again recently. Each month or so he would spend his own money to come to Tucson, check into a hotel and practice with me seven or eight hours a day. Man, can he bank those balls. .Every one who knows Billy knows what an upbeat delightful human being he is. He has pictures of he and Earl in his home, along with other greats and he knows more about baseball than anyone I ever knew.
Dear Lord. Please don't take my friend away.
Keep the faith. Alfie.

book collector

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Billy is a great guy, I love to watch him spin that cueball !
He is in my prayers.
Tell him Ohio Bill and his wife said hello.

Fast Lenny

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Billy Mack is a hell of a nice guy, always enjoy speaking to him. When I heard the news it was really upsetting because of the man who he is. Get better Billy, we are all rooting for you bud.