Pool advice in Esquire?


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33. Hit a jump shot in pool. It's not something you use a lot, but when you hit a jump shot, it marks you as a player and briefly impresses women. Make the angle of your cue steeper, aim for the bottommost fraction of the ball, and drive the cue smoothly six inches past the contact point, making steady, downward contact with the felt.

I don't think the room owners will agree with this bit of advice...



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As typical of these magazines, this list is a bunch of gimmicks intended to make guys feel like some sort of James Bond. After all, life is just a procession of gimmicks to get the girl.


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Great, now there is going to be 10,000 more bangers that read Esquire
scooping that baby right up and over, thinking it's going to get them laid...:eek:


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Great, now there is going to be 10,000 more bangers that read Esquire
scooping that baby right up and over, thinking it's going to get them laid...:eek:

I never had a problem getting some w/o ever using a jump-shot...but I do a mean Tom Cruise cue twirl. Johnnyt


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I don't know who Tom Chiarella is, but I'd like to play HIM some lol

Tom Chiarella - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tom Chiarella is Visiting Professor of Creative Writing at DePauw University and writer-at-large and fiction editor of Esquire Magazine.

Does explain a lot :grin::grin::grin:


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Esquire used to be such a great magazine. Now nothing more than another FHM-style rag.


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I like how you said the jump briefly impresses women , I suppose it wouldnt be far fetch to believe that some pool players jump shot got a broad to go home with them for the Shaft burial,, but I do think its unlikely....:grin:


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What a dumb bastid....now that he has informed the world of the Jump Shot aphrodisiac effect.......Armani and Rolex will pull their ads.


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if i ever meet whomever wrote that

i'm going to find the nearest Walla-buska and bludgeon him/her to death with it. Then shoot a jump shot right into thier mouth with a bowling ball.

Piss on esquire poser fag mag
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Cameron Smith

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If you want to impress women by playing pool, playing well whilst not taking the game too seriously (ie. have fun, it's not competition) will do more than an awkward jump shot (illegally done or not).

FWIW this article appears to be mostly a joke.


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I think they are M1 rifles

M1 Garand...Patton dubbed them "The best battle weapon ever designed".
But then, he probably didn't carry one for miles & miles...They are pretty heavy. Well over eight pounds.


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I carried an M1 for three years, until they shifted to the newer model. Why do I remember it was 9.3 pounds? I learned to field strip it in the dark (never did it blind folded).

The only time I hated that rifle was when a DI made us hold it at arm's length by the stacking swivel. Nobody could do it for very long. But I agree it was the best of rifles.

With a bayonet attached you felt like you could take on anybody or any group of anybodies. :eek:


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The M-14 was 7.62mm, was the M-1 as well? The M-14 was heavy too.

We used the the M-14 for basic training- weapons qualification and drill at Ft Bliss Texas, spring 1967. I don't know when the M-16 came on line for basic training, but it must have been very soon thereafter. It believe it was the infantry AIT weapon in that same time slot.

Met a man later who said he helped develop the M-16. Armalite mfg?

The M-14 was pretty accurate. Is it the equivalent of 30-06?

Been a long time.