poolcuenews.com What's this dudes deal?


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I don't read a lot of pool blogs so I don't really know who's saying what on them, but recently I was made aware of this guy Mike Feiman (or as I call him, "Bald Mike, white guy") Apparently he is the man behind this blog, poolcuenews.com which is really his little sandbox of personal attacks and drooling over female pool players. It seems he doesnt want anyone to know who he is, but it wasn't hard to find out. My real beef with him is his personal attacks on friends of mine. Justin Collett, Sarah Rousey and apparently me... the "clique", what he calls Justin's friends. What's up with all this hate???? Just wondering what other peoples thoughts are on this dude...

Edit to clarify:
I've had several unrelated people who wish to not be mentioned point towards this blog as being run by Mike.
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I don't know anything about it, but if he's a bald white guy he's probably a chump, a sexist hatemonger and couldn't find his......wait a sec!....I'm bald too.... never mind

anyone who would say crap about you guys is whacked, you guys rock!


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He's also posted several blogs attacking my efforts, TAR, and Florian 'Venom Kohler'. The guy clearly has insecurity issues.

My understanding is that he works for PoolDawg, one of the forum sponsors. I doubt they'd be very happy to know that one of their employees spends all his time online slandering people.

In addition, he's also one of the forum trolls. I have yet to see a single positive post from the guy.

I had a good chuckle ridding the elevator with him in Vegas. He's pretty good at pretending to be a decent human being when faced in person.


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Bald Mike?

U sure its him? BrooklynJay and I were at the Mezz booth alot too and we saw Mike in the Pooldawg booth next to us. I went to read the blog and I kno at least during the time we were there if anyone wanted to try a cue we were very forthcoming w/letting ppl jump on the table. So if its true that hes the guy then hes blatantly just attacking u guys just to be a dick. I think if that's the case its fkd up hes doing this while dragging the Mezz name into it for his own personal gain. Caroline is one of the hardest working people I kno, going so far as to go off and sell raffle tickets on her own. And I kno Sarah, Justin, and u guys worked very hard during the show too. Just messed up to hide behind an anonymous name and attack hard working people for shts and giggles...


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and....wait for it.......any second now......

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Are you sure of your facts? I know Mike Feiman personally...and he has never said anything bad about you or any of the others you have mentioned. I have no idea if your allegation that he is the PCN guy is true or not...but I would be very surprised if that was the case.

On another note...it seems a strange thing to ask if the AZB community "knows what the dude's deal is." Isn't this thread more about exposing someone's alleged identity?

Whatev. My thoughts are...people are entitled to say what they want on their blogs. The PCN guy attacked Jen Barretta a long time ago...I hated him. He apologized and admitted that he has pegged her wrong later...and I forgave him. The guy is snarky...but at least he is funny about it.