R.i.p. Jaffar "patcheye" Basheer


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We regret to inform the pool world of the passing of a great man, and one of the last true old school era players in the world.

Jaffar "patcheye" Basheer, (born. Henry Bernett 3/14/1930 ) passed away last night peacefully at his home in philadelphia at the age of 87.

He will be greatly missed by all his friends here at Fuscos "The Spot" where he came in everyday , And by all those that knew him from around the country ..and the world.

Funeral arrangement announcements will be posted as soon as i know more information.
Thank you.


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I remember seeing him in there during the day almost every time I stopped by to shoot on lunch. Wasn't until I read Freddy's Encyclopedia of Pool Hustlers that I knew who he was!

Two big losses for that room in a month.

Take care, Ron!


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RIP. seen him at derby a lot in good old days at old venue. played a boar remember right.


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I am so sorry to hear the news. I met Patcheye for the first time when I was working graveyard shift are Champions in Silver Spring, MD. He walked in there with John Henry and a few others looking for action. They would hang there all night long and sometimes get a game.

Back then, there was no back-and-forth about handicaps, how much are you going to give up. Players stepped up to the plate and got played, win or lose, and people would gather around the table and spend hours sweating the festivities.

I had recently returned from a road trip with Geese and knew of a few places down South that were good spots. I told Patcheye about them because he was getting ready to go South.

There was one place in Eastern Tennessee owned by man who also had an archery range. It was pretty cool. The owner liked archery, and he also played pool with anybody who came to town, as long as they gave him a spot. He loved playing pool champions, in fact, and would lose big, sometimes five figures.

Months later, we ran into Patcheye, and I asked him about that pool room in Tennessee, if he made a score, and he did.

He always liked flying under the radar, never wanted his photo taken, like most road warriors. Of course, today, with the Internet, that doesn't work anymore. Everybody knows what everybody looks like.

OnePocket.org has an incredible collection of pool history on their website, and Steve Booth was fortunate enough to get an interview with the legendary Patcheye: Patcheye Interview.

He's probably up in heaven now with Ronnie, Strawberry, Grady, and Jimmy play some one-hole.

Photo from Steve Booth at 2007 Derby City Classic.


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jay helfert

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I first saw Patcheye play in Dayton in the early 60's. He matched up with Pete Glenn. I thought how could this one eyed guy play the game so well. But he did. He wasn't afraid to get up their and cross swords with anyone and it took a very strong player to take him down. He was Old School cool in my book! :angel:

Chip Roberson

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RIP Patch Eye. Great Gentleman every time I was around him. Saw a lot of him in the south when I was traveling around. Good Straight Pool player and great one pocket player also. So sorry to hear of his passing.

Paul Schofield

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Soft spoken, intelligence, and a good person. This is a loss for our sport.

If I remember correctly, the name on his birth certificate is Henry. To that name, he took exception. Before he was "Jaffar" and before he was "Patcheye", he was called "One-eye Henry". DON'T CALL HIM THAT. I once made that mistake.

He was a good player and a pleasure to play.


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I had the opportunity to purchase Patcheye's Gus Szamboti cue a few years ago.

I thought that was like an old soldier laying down his rifle. I didn't buy it and and it ending up where it really deserved to be, in the Glenn collection with alot of the other champions cues.