Shane's mom needs the value of cues


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Word was at the time he was playing with it, the Schon was his moms cue butt, and he put his Joss shaft on it.

Not sure where these conspiracy theories come from. None of the videos below show Shane talking about any particular shaft. I suspect he used several as a lot of pros do. They all pretty much experiment.

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It would seem to me that the best way to get the insurance value of these cues is through a sports memorabilia specialist. Some of the posts trying to suggest that the value is limited to simply the value of the cue itself is ridiculous in my opinion. The history associated with the cues and the fact that these cues are the cues of a man that will go down in history as one of the greatest players of the game will significantly impact the value of these cues in my opinion.


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the historic/sentimental value will be significantly higher than the replacement value.

Joss cue = my favorite of the entire collection.

Would it be correct to figure in who owns them and if that adds to the value, or "for
insurance purposes" would you just be figuring the cost of a new cue (if available) from that company?
I have some sports memorabilia, as I'm sure we all do, replacement cost
for a few baseballs was about $24, the value of my signed baseballs was placed at an
amount far greater by an appraiser for insurance purposes.

OOPS! Sorry Doc, I missed you post about this very thing


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I am an insurance agent in another state but my recommendation would be.

1. Contact your insurance company or agent to see what they would require.

The cues would likely require an appraisal to value them.

They would likely be covered under an inland marine endorsement on your homeowners policy. The same endorsement that is used for other collections - collectables such as baseball cards and other valuable memorabilia collections.

2. I would also think that the value might be higher than the normal cost of the cues due to the fact it is Shane. Which would likely require documentation of some form which would probably be evaluated during the appraisal.

Just my 2 cents but well worth checking with your insurance agent and or insurance company about.

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With Jewelry, guns... and now cues... they want me to itemize, which now they have this picture I posted. Then anything valued over $2500 they want appraised or I think with the cues they will be satisfied with a knowledgeable opinion. I posted this today in hopes of getting ideas on which ones are over 2500. In my opinion, 4 of them are. And then I need to find out who is going to have the best educated guess of value. Dan Janes is going to get back to me on the two Joss cues and may have an opinion on the others. The one that I think is the most difficult is the Palmer. And then trying to figure in Shane playing and winning with any of them.
I remember when Gary gave the Joss "Shane" cue to him. His face lit up and said "It says SHANE!!!" Have good memories of living in Rapid City.


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My guess based upon what I see other cues advertised for is minimum $10,000. The colors and veneers in the Josswest are fantastic. Even without the provenance that's a $2,000 dollar cue. Add Shane's name and it increases. The Palmer has a great classic look. Kikel is a highly respected cuemaker. The Schon he won a world championship with has to be valuable.


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Totally misread.... I thought they were going up for sale. Jin got super excited, now I have to break the news to him that they aren't actually for sale haha


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I bet you can! :p

Good luck getting it all take care of, and thanks for sharing the photo's here.
Totally misread.... I thought they were going up for sale. Jin got super excited, now I have to break the news to him that they aren't actually for sale haha
Having played pool at Breakroom Billiards in Rapid City and seeing the trophies Shane has won, I’m sure those cues are worth a great deal. Whatever the increase in insurance rates would be, I’m sure they are worth it.


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Hi, this is SVB's mom, Timi. I am trying to figure out the value of the cues we have stock piled over the years for insurance purposes... I attached a picture, which includes... a jump cue, a Mali, Shane's Joss, a Josswest, a Palmer, a Shon, a Kikel, Shane's first Meucci, and a Meucci. I hope I attached the picture correctly???

That Joss is super cool, and I really love the cue that is 2 cues down from it, left of the Schon. I assume that is the Palmer.

Maybe give Bill Lister a call. I think that he could help you with an Appraisal, and he is a very well respected dealer of pool cues. Also a very fine cue maker.

Billiard Bill's Custom Cues - Billiard Bill's Custom Cues Buying-Selling-Trading


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Does Shane have any signed Beaver Dam tip ups he’d like to let go? 😂 I’m kidding but not kidding, it would be cool.