The newest “haley” on the planet


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The newest “Haley” on the planet

Delivered at the ICCS last month, this exquisite cue in Ron’s latest. I designed the
cue with Ron’s guidance and it has exceeded my expectations in every way. It was
one of the most talked about cues at the ICCS. Let me describe it from top to bottom:

  • -Solid ivory joint with 3/8 x 10 pin.
  • -Ebony forearm and ebony points.
  • -Ron’s “shields” (short points”) are Honduras Rosewood Burl.
  • -The veneers are white-black paper-blue-black paper-white.
  • -Veneers are “bridged”.
  • -Beautiful brown elephant ear wrap complements the Burl.
  • -Ebony butt sleeve with eight overlapping, veneered windows.
  • -Ivory butt cap.
  • -Beautiful and unique joint protectors.
  • -Inlays are silver “gunsights” and “notched” diamonds.
  • -Per Ron there are over 300 pieces of silver inlayed into the cue.
  • -And of course, Ron’s beautiful engraved artwork in the points and windows.

Check out how he incorporated a notched diamond in the engravings.

I asked Ron for a few “firsts” and this is what he did:

  • -First time for “triple” rings.
  • -First time for engraved artwork around the entire cue. See under the points.
  • -First time he has ever inlaid “notched” diamonds.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. They do not convey the beauty of this cue.

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Ron outdid himself on this beauty. Killer woods, love the rings, joint, caps, very classy!
Thanks for the show.


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The triple rings are a huge difference and IMHO nicer than the double ring. That's a great looking cue and it came out fantastic.



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These past few weeks on AZ have been insane as far as monster cues
Tikklers Tonkins and these Haley's are just outstanding. GL with it


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You're a lucky man to have two gems at the ICCS..this cue is stunning!


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wow, very perfect Cue you get from Ron:thumbup:
love everything.
thanks for sharing
Ralf- love your McDaniel too;), let me know if this is for sale