Whatever happened to propoolvideo.com?

Joe Rogan

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That was a great website with some awesome matches on it and very good commentary too.
They had a ton of good stuff there. Anyone know what happened to it?


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I think it started off as a hobby type thing and became a liability financialy and time consuming as well. I am sure he needed to move it to a decent dedicated server at $300 a month or so because of bandwidth usage with no real means of income from the site. I think he had to make a decision to run with it as a business and charge a fee somehow, or just let it go.


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It sucks that it's down, Joe. Looks like Jorge either doesn't have the time t o film anymore or maybe the costs weren't worth it. I liked how the matches had all the fluff edited out, between shots. It appeals to my ADD nature, lol.



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yeah it sucks that proopoolvideo went the way of the dodo, the passenger pigeon, and the way of the nickel beer night (there was a bar around here that did that on wednesdays and it friggin sweet)


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I loved that site. Watched it everyday. The commentary was great. 1000x's better than youtube. I hope it comes back.


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I have saved almost all of his videos. i will send you a list of what I have when I get off my lazy A$$. I dont know if I can email them (they are huge) but I can put them on a disc for ya. PM me if you want.