Which cuemaker?

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My opinion....

Get a hold of some very early Ginas.

Spend the little left on some new ones where you ask Ernie to push the envelope and money is no object.

Personally, if speculating, I'd go with Ernie. He's one of the few remaining living legends who can still make a cue that will out-do just about everyone else.

Great pedigree there. Like a Gus. But you can't have Gus make you a new one now, and Ernie still can.

Next would be Bill Schick

Finally Richard Black, although Richard may have lost his edge a bit now. Head to head with Ernie I think Richard would be found wanting... (but I could be wrong too!)


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Of the choices, i'd buy a Showman. But you might also consider a Haley. Though i'd say just about any of your builders would talk with you over dinner about a $10,000 job.


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Barry"s Szamboti for sale

Hey Buddy ,
Here are a few i have for sale call me if you have interest (267)257-8323

The to plain ones are sold,,,


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I think by far its Tim Scruggs. The shop is closed for good. Tim has retired and there are a number of his cues in northern virginia and baltimore owned by players that will sell (fast eddys in springfield and top hat in towson ).


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I'd probably try to find a mint Mike Cochran myself.

The three makers you mention bring a premium already, yes they will hold their value, but unless they quit making cues or die the value probably won't go up a huge amount unless they raise their own prices.

Black Boar is another choice I'd go with as he is older than the other three, and his cues already bring the same premium.
Just my humble opinion.


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I'm not asking anyone to predict the future. Ok let me put it this way if you had 10,000 cash in your pocket and wanted to buy a cue that would double when the economy comes back around which one would you choose? And this is all your personal opinion.

I recommend a Gus.

I will be getting a Showman cue in March. I expect it to be worth twice what I paid for it.

Buying cues for investments? Not the best idea.