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Do you have those „halfmoondents“ on your cueball(s)?

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I think people don't understand the question? I'm not sure I do either.
Chips/damage on the cue ball? Marks on the cue ball (like measles ball)? What are these dents?

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Maybe if someone posted a pic of the damaged cueball it would make it a tad clearer.
I understand, and yes my cueball has those circular "half moon" cracks.


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I read the original post awhile back. I have a measles cue ball.

I had a friend over who breaks with a phenolic tip. A few days went by when I noticed the measles had some half moon cracks. The next time he came over, I noticed more half moons. I am not sure I would have gave the half moons the attention if it hadn't been for your post.



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NArf i busted the conclusion with this amateuer post/poll. I thought that the Link would be enaugh ;-(


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I have a red circle and a red "S" saluc cue ball (the one that came with the super aramith ball set). I break with a J&J jump break with the stock phenolic tip. Both cue balls are damage free.


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There are known to be a few fake or imported copies of the measle ball.



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Ahh, now I understand the question. I have a solution too.

I think I'll start a slogan ... "Save a cue ball", forget that silly game and play some straight pool or one hole. :yes:


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I have an old set (15 yrs +or-) with a blue circle cue ball. No half moon cracks but it does show some moderate scuffs from a phenolic jump break.


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For some reason I cant vote.

I have a measle ball that has the same damage that you are describing but my red circle cue ball does not. The measle ball is about a year old and it looks like crap so I have replaced it with a new measle ball but it has very little use on it since I like using the red circle ball better.

The break cue that I use is a J&J with a white diamond tip on it. The rest of my ball set is aramith super pros.