if you have a quality tip, the most important is to burnish it once in a while, not every day. this will keep the dome shape close to its original shape. if you study the chalk mark your tip leaves on the cue ball you will see when the diameter gets larger, you will need to reshape slightly. your tip should last years of everage play time. i get 5 years out of kamui medium, and i play 6 hours on sat. and sunday, every week.

How do you train for endurance?

Howdy All;

When I was in the military we used to take "combat naps". You can take one anywhere (almost),
at about anytime and even just 5 minutes of brain dead time will do for a few hours. It's truly
amazing how well they work. Like most things it takes a wee bit of practice to get the hang of'em.

I have been lobby ing for nap time to be included in the schedule for all seniors events. 🤷

Thumb Straight Down

Ive heard from 2 well known instructors (one book , one youtube vid) that you should have your thumb pointing straight down in the grip.
Since humans have somewhat chimpanzee hands with the hands naturally turning inward, straight down causes a bit of a stretch.(about 30 degrees)
When I try this I can shoot straight but it takes some getting used to because I can feel the hand stretched.
Any one else have any experience with this ?
Who thinks its completely unnecessary?
Thx in advance.
Oh and one instructor was snooker , the other pool.
I do the same thing & have done so for several years. I also extend my fore finger as well. It's a Snooker thing...

Deluxe Cue Smith lathe mod's

the first thing I did on my deluxe was to add a reversing switch on my power feed motor......... at that time Chris said it would void my warrantee.......... I did that 11 years ago ....... no problems........... also I added a point taper bar on top of the shaft taper bar......... and I think it was before Chris started selling them..................... great machine................... changed the power feed gear twice.... keep a spare............ changed the on-off switch on the controller box about 15 times............ lol............ they are not sealed and get dusty and the motor won't turn on.... use it almost every day.......... made over 300 cues on it

9' Brunswick end piece of slate?

You are going to need to list more info. Is the table a T-rail table, or a post WWII vertical rail bolt attachment? 3 or 4 piece slate? 1 inch, or 1-1/2”? If you could list a model of Brunswick that would probably the best, and then you could narrow down from there.

Something else to consider, and I mention this because I’ve been bit by this scenario. The slates are normally ground together as a set and matched serial numbers. If you are mixing slates you might have to do some serious shimming.


I never do anything to my tip except shape it up and play with it till it needs shaping again then I use sandpaper to shape it up a little and go back to playing. Of course if it’s a new tip I might have to put it on the lathe to trim it a little but after that it’s only gets touched to shape it up. I do own a cue cube but I have no clue where it’s even at.

How do you train for endurance?

One thing I’m struggling with recently is keeping myself alert and focused for long tournaments. Towards the end my performance plateaus and I miss easy shots. I notice this with opponents too if I play them twice on the same day, either one will make unexpectedly dumb mistakes. More than pressure I think it’s endurance and “mind over matter” kind of deal. How do I train and/or what do I need to practice to get better at this aspect? Just play more? Or is there more to it than meets the eye…
I see AZB should be able to provide you with this info, Physical and Mental aspects of the games, I read the foods we eat are also very important... Guy

Diamond bar box

And no hitting ball first without a draw shot, which can’t be done on some angles. Seems like it prevents play as pool was designed. If you haven’t measured this way you should.
On most 9' blue labels you can hide a ball in the Jaws of the pocket. Are you missing the point of procut pocket and the deep shelf? It makes the game HARDER. I think you may have missed that part somewhere. Welcome to modern pool! :)


John Schmidt- live 14.1

Quite honestly, it's a little ridiculous. At 188 John just shot a classic break shot and one ball went past the side pocket. He bumped a cluster and the balls went nowhere and he ultimately missed a very hard cut in the side. It's actually shocking he's running the balls he is.
Yeah, he's just lucky to get up there and run a hundred balls a few times a day.
I have to study the tape when this is over.
Maybe I will learn to get that lucky.


well I keep hearing about tapping, picking, scuffing, etc..................... if you have to do anything like this to your tip.......... you don't have a quality tip or you don't understand how tips work...................................... if you have a good quality tip..............and it is installed correctly........... you should only need to wipe it clean every few days with 220 sand paper.....................