Sent you photos of a Bill Schick cue,are you interested in this cue.Charles Fugarino
Sorry but I am looking for a little less cue. Just a simple everyday player. Thank you anyway. Mel
This evening I wanted to look up how old is, and the easiest thing was to just log in again.

Howdy! I'm probably behind on some tables updates.

Any new tables to report?

I think there's a new place in California with twelve footers.

And there are now a few more tables near me. Hurray!
Interested in the uni-loc kielwood shaft, please call me to discuss a couple of questions and payment method. Thanks, Russ Burch 925-876-5095
Mike ... in the latest issue of Buzz you got the "Caption this photo" winner wrong. Better, worse or the same was my entry on April 26th, post #14. Just sayin'
Hi Steve-

I’m reaching out in response to you wanting to buy my diamond ball polisher 16 ball unit. Please follow up with me so we can iron out the details.. Thank You.

I have a mid sized with a few upgrades, large bore head stock, power feed, power reverse switch and steady rest w/chuck. Price new about a year ago was $2200, asking $2000 and could meet you halfway from Kokomo Indiana
Yesterday i posted some sleeves made by predator and JB Cases for sale and had a couple of folks respond and then the listing disappeared
I posted prices and listed items

can you tell me what happened


nancewayne, I haven't been on here in a while, at one time I was in contact with someone on AZ that was a retired Cuetec dealer, and I was trying to get in touch with them, was that you or do you know who it could have been, thank you.
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I have A LOT of new (old stock) Cuetec cues (including some verrry inexpensive annual Cuetec promo cues) ! What are you looking for ?
do you do any trading or just sell
it really depends on what is being offered for trade and it would need to be
something that I would be able to sell easily

would robert clark play me a large or semi large set of one pocket here in Springfield, Mo? Sent to u from a Missouri boy.
Yes he would for sure , you gave him 9-7 already and beat him last time he and I were up there fishing 🎣. So yeah he would but he would have to get 9-7 /10-7 ! We will try again . Or if you come to Lewisville Tx you can just do 9-7 / 9-7
Thanks for the consideration/ ACTION!!!!
Not sure if your still interested in a Joss N7 original throwback cue? I have three of them for sale, accept, mine are wrap less and has points that are not from a cnc. They also come with COA from Dan Janes with the Joss seal embedded in the paperwork. Two shafts with each cue. The real deal as close to the color of money cue in the movies that Dan could due, accept for modern wood and again, wrap less.
Do you have pictures Chuck?
What are you looking to get for the cues?
They are in a post in the for sale section, one used that I shot with is $ 800.00, two others new, $ 1,350.00


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I've been well, thanks for asking, Kevin. I lost my wife of 47+ years Jan 1 this year after an extended illness. Now I've been re-evaluating everything in my life. I do come here almost daily but seldom post because it will be disregarded by the people it's intended for, they just regurgitate shamelessly. As far as the good guys on this forum when I do post it's a sign of support. Be well, my friend.
Willowbrook Wolfy, Howdy;

The book I recommended "The Eight Ball Bible" by R Givens is truly worth the read and
study of. Dedicated to the Bar Box and written when Heavy Balls were still in use (not so
much nowadays), but the info will work on larger tables as well. It doesn't cost much after
you consider the gains you get from it.

Good Luck, hope ya find the pearl in the oyster.

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Willowbrook Wolfy
If your interested, I would like to send you a photo of a Schmelke I have here for sale. It is one heck of a hitting cue and is a four point cue. It is a special cue with the model # SPL-11, you can't find it anywhere.
I don't know if there is a customs fee or not. If you send 70.00 that should cover it and the shipping to Canada. Do you want to do that?


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