Are you still looking for some Black and White Ebony? I have a couple of 12" x 1.3" squares I could spare.
Let me know,
Have you ever figured out why Split the Difference works? I know Hal Houle there are only 3 or 4 shots in pool. 1/4, 1/2, center and maybe edge to edge. I like Mike's method in actual games, makes things much easier, no thinking or guessing.
Do you still have any information on Cobra cues and the Mizerak cues?? did you ever find a catalog? and original Price sheet? I have several of the Mizerak Professional series cue that I purchased from Steve after He and Miller split up. In fact I bought all of the Professional series that he had left. I used to have a catalog but I can not find it now.
Let me know what woods you have and what you need for them.
I have a piece of Brazilian Rosewood, African Blackwood, A gorgeous piece of New Guinea Striped Ebony, Thuya Burl Squares, and some museum/exhibition pieces of Masur Birch Burl. I'll try to come up with a price, pics, sizes, etc. I'll be leaving town for a few days, and then taking a 3/4 day trip with the family. I will get back to you ASAP.
Take your time....I'm on the road myself and in no hurry. Let me know and we'll get it worked out.
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Sounds good. Will do.
I'm interested in the case with proceeds going to the V foundation. I haven't donated to a good cause since last Christmas. Please send me payment instructions. I am located in Hawaii so if there are concerns about that let me know. Mahalo, Mark
Is this the right one?


  • IMG_0138 shaft.jpg
    IMG_0138 shaft.jpg
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If she’s in good shape, send me your info via PM, I appreciate you finding it. Thanks Mario
I actually have two, 13mm straight, My lathes are tie up turning kielwood. I'll be finish at the end of the week. The shafts need to be cleaned up and new tips...let me know if you want both....I won't get to them until this coming Monday. $250, delivered...Paypal
I’ll take them. Can you please send me your number so I can give you a quick call? Or I can send you mine. I’ll send mine via PM. Thanks again.
I might have an original shaft for that cue...I'll check if interested. Mario
Here's the shafts I have.


  • IMG_0134.jpg
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  • IMG_0135.jpg
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Shipping tomorrow.
Great thanks Mario
Hi Dave....That mystery box of wood you have, is it kind of a slight greenish color? Hard to tell in the pictures. I had some with a similar graining pattern that I used for ring work and it had a light olive greenish color that worked for me.
Thanks Dave
Sorry it took so long to get back to you I was working with another gentleman who wanted the que before you and i was waiting to see if he sealed the deal before responding to you
He purchased the cue so it is no longer available
Thanks for your interest and good luck finding a cue

Tim, GREAT looking Table! I have a 5'x10' Centennial Pool/3 Cushion restored to a 9 out of 10. the table is equipped with a 'Heating system' for 3 cushion. Something rare. My friend didn't take that good of photos. The table is located in Palm Beach, FL. If you or someone you might know may be interested PM me. The table is priced VERY reasonable! $7,500.00.


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I could send you an email with the pic's and you could post if you don't mind. I've had nothing but problems posting pics here.
Regarding your post about WTB inexpensive joint protectors.

What material are you wanting?

How many?

What are you wanting to spend?

I can bang out some of these fairly easily but the design and material choices make a big difference.
So cheap I only need used or plastic
You can get plastic ones online for under $10. Mine would all be custom made and out of the price range. Sorry
I bought some joint protectors, as far as the Jensen a 4 veneer four point, shafts if possible 12.75 - 13mm a players cue.

Glad to see you posting a little. I was hoping to get up your way. Good people including you and Calvin, beautiful country. Looks like I won't be on the road anymore though.

I hope things are hanging fine for you. If you get an itch to go New Orleans way give me a shout, you have to pass right by me.

I hope all is well and the deer and pigs are treating you right. A little squirrel for variety too.



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