are you still making joint protectors?
Jim Baxter
Hopeing to hear from you . A nice clear picture of logo . Black lines on white paper . Thats a MUST . Thanks
Jim Baxter
Text is best to 253-226-0932
i don't have a cell phone so texting gets complicated, for a set with matching woods and engraved Hurricaine symbol with the H inside rough estimate what a set of 2 may cost?
Glen, when recovering a Pacesetter table is there a torgue setting I should use to tighten the rails once recovered?
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Yes, about 10ft lbs, you don't want to sink the washer any more than it's already imprinted into the wood.
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I saw the post on the Scruggs. I am looking for a basic JW cue 4 pointer. Let me know what it is I might be interested
Chris Schmidt Walla Walla WA
NY Lefty
Send me your phone number and I'll send you some pics. Thanks....Dante
Always one or two that just want argue and tell you that something is wrong with you!!
At least it's not rickie diveteam writing a book about doing something stupid that might get you killed. :ROFLMAO:
Hi Duc! Hey, did you ever have any luck getting your cue from Dennis Searing? I've had a cue with him since 2017 to have a shaft made and a wrap put on. He avoids my calls like the plague. I've paid him for the work and was told last November that he'd send the cue in three days. Still nothing...
Hunter Lambardo is suppose to be good friend with he said he will try to get my cue back when he's back in this point...not sure what to do but to show up in his shop for the cue.
First time he answers my calls in five years, he sent me samples for the wrap. Sent me pics. Talked to him the next day and sent a payment. He was supposed to send the cue the next day.
The cue hasn't showed and of course, he no longer answers calls. Maddening!
Hey my name is Tim. If this guy with the Centennial doesn't respond to you, just fyi, I have a 9 foot Centennial also that I might be selling in the future if you're looking for a Centennial. I'm in the process of having the rails re-done right now. I'm in California, but I look for these tables all over the country.
Hi Nice Treadway cue you have for sale. Is the joint ivory sleeved or ivory alternative? Ferrule material?
Treadway uses Juma on joints and ferrules.
Hello, saw your post on my thread regarding the Meucci refinish. Glad to hear you had a positive experience with them recently. Can you give me a POC at Meucci that you spoke to for the work you had done? I'd rather have them do the cue since they built it but they have had their challenges through the years. Is Julie and Darrin still part of the crew?
Pat Barrett here, what trades are you interested in for that RB? I've got 2 Whitsells (not yours), TS, Jacoby, Frey. If you want to look at.
Hey Pat definately interest in TS or Frey. My cell is 570-730-8033 text me and we'll go from there
Thx Denny


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