• Island Drive
    Island Drive updated their status.
    Otto Graham, fraternity hazing photo after the fact, he's probably 19 yr old then. He and my dad were dropped off two miles from...
  • K
    khoi420 left a message on mrinsatiable's profile.
    Hey here, are you doug selling the ta5?
  • eddiethelock
    eddiethelock left a message on azhousepro's profile.
    is this mike? if so you took down my ad. my last was for club membership.. now listing it as an apartment instead.
  • D
    DJEnD left a message on Newsheriffintwn's profile.
    Hey do you have a pricelist or something? Interested to know more about your cues.
  • D
    DJEnD left a message on madman1nonly's profile.
    Hey Juan, would like to know about the tips you provide. Email me @ ho.zhenjie@gmail.com
  • B
    bendbob left a message on toregisterstuff's profile.
    I have a fancy Josey built in 2011 with subtle inlays and presentation cocobolo/birdseye, two shafts, one of which is "timeless timber"...
  • ceebee
    ceebee left a message on TannerPruess's profile.
    Hi Tanner... CeeBee here.. hope you are well. Things are great here, I'm another year old in September . I'll be 81. I'm still playing...
  • Mcues
    Mcues left a message on azhousepro's profile.
    Please move my listing from "ASK a cuemaker" to for sale. Thanks
  • Poolhall60561
    Poolhall60561 left a message on Newsheriffintwn's profile.
    I’m interested in the travel cue. Can you tell me more about selection and cost ?
  • H
    headmuses left a message on JA062669's profile.
    Send me pictures of the Lathe and tools please jbeam6969@gmail.com
  • strtshtr
    strtshtr left a message on Jerry OC's profile.
    call please 860 604 2733 jim
  • mr3cushion
    mr3cushion left a message on Joeblow's profile.
    Right here. Or send me an email: mr3cushion@live.com
  • GBCues
    GBCues left a message on THam's profile.
    Are you still looking for some Black and White Ebony? I have a couple of 12" x 1.3" squares I could spare. Let me know, Gary
  • lakeman77
    lakeman77 left a message on S.H.S.M's profile.
    Have you ever figured out why Split the Difference works? I know Hal Houle there are only 3 or 4 shots in pool. 1/4, 1/2, center and...
  • mr3cushion
    mr3cushion left a message on azhousepro's profile.
    How to become a Gold Member?
  • Panhdlce
    Panhdlce left a message on 8AnDrEw9's profile.
    I have a nice cocolo Fancy Frey with two shafts
  • H
    headmuses left a message on sk8ordie's profile.
    Would you be interested in a 12.4 BVP radial?
  • tsp&b
    tsp&b left a message on Chopdoc's profile.
    Do you still have any information on Cobra cues and the Mizerak cues?? did you ever find a catalog? and original Price sheet? I have...
  • BarenbruggeCues
    BarenbruggeCues left a message on j2pac's profile.
    Let me know what woods you have and what you need for them.
  • H
    headmuses left a message on JerseyBill's profile.
    Can you send me some pictures? I am in Canada and interested. you can send pictures to headmuse@gmail.com Thanks
  • M
    mbrin808 left a message on wrldpro's profile.
    I'm interested in the case with proceeds going to the V foundation. I haven't donated to a good cause since last Christmas. Please send...
  • Mcues
    Mcues left a message on Kobachi's profile.
    Is this the right one?
  • BilliardsAbout
    BilliardsAbout left a message on Logandgriff's profile.
    We have a few spots left open for the Pro Pool Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida next week. Let me know. :)
  • V
    vicdotcom left a message on cyberrot's profile.
    I heard of your passing. I said a prayer for you.
  • Tennesseejoe
    Tennesseejoe left a message on Cuemaster98's profile.
    I would like a couple old Champions. How much are they? How do you pick the good ones?
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