I have a new STL-8C (Cocobolo) I bought in December 2009. I Only took it out of the shipping tube to look at it and put it back. Never chalked nor hit a ball
Also have a used STL-12. Contact me if interested. Contact me if interested.
I can do that shaft for you. $275 shipped.
Phenolic ferrule..water buffalo tip
Thank you for your response. There is another member who is willing to do it a little cheaper. Nonetheless, I will definitely keep you in mind if it does not work.., for whatever reason.
Have a Great One.

  • sir, i found you here via Rumikeys, he has contacted me to offer to buy a Mobley from me.
  • i understand that you are a TRUSTED 100%.
  • i do not know how to do the sale safely, so both parties are satisfied.
  • i have known randy since 1990.
  • i am hesitant to proceed , and i ask you to kindly explain the proper procedure to use for the safe sale of my cue.
it is pretty much based on trust, there is no way to validate a AZB member that doesn't have a lot of history
I probably have the spare balls you need. I need to check my storage. If I have them I will sell to you for $10 each plus shipping cost.
Hello I am very interested
Please text me more photos. Photos are blur and I would like to see better photos.
Not playing much pool lately, had tendon repair in shoulder last February so doing ok with that, My brother Country Calvin turn 75 last Monday! Miss all you guys! David Harcrow


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