Hey my name is Tim. If this guy with the Centennial doesn't respond to you, just fyi, I have a 9 foot Centennial also that I might be selling in the future if you're looking for a Centennial. I'm in the process of having the rails re-done right now. I'm in California, but I look for these tables all over the country.
Hi Nice Treadway cue you have for sale. Is the joint ivory sleeved or ivory alternative? Ferrule material?
Treadway uses Juma on joints and ferrules.
Hello, saw your post on my thread regarding the Meucci refinish. Glad to hear you had a positive experience with them recently. Can you give me a POC at Meucci that you spoke to for the work you had done? I'd rather have them do the cue since they built it but they have had their challenges through the years. Is Julie and Darrin still part of the crew?
Pat Barrett here, what trades are you interested in for that RB? I've got 2 Whitsells (not yours), TS, Jacoby, Frey. If you want to look at.
Hey Pat definately interest in TS or Frey. My cell is 570-730-8033 text me and we'll go from there
Thx Denny
I have a fancy ebony sly unplayed wrapless. You can message me if interested.

Also pin size
I sent you a text. If you know anyone here in the valley (scottsdale/phx az) that you trust, I could show it to them.
I haven't sold anything here so I really don't know about how to do that, and keep all parties covered. Let me know.
Would you take $250? The currency conversion would make it $334 Canadian for me, plus I will have to pay duty and taxes on it. I also have a US shipping address.
On a long shot are you anywhere near me? I live in between Atlantic City and Philadelphia.
Agent 99
Agent 99
I live in Las Vegas, NV.
Ok. I haven't been active for a while so need to start up my PayPal again. I'll get back to you. I have an engage 11.8 mm shaft from them on a 5/16-14 butt and like it but want to sell the cue and get a full cue from Becue. Thanks.
Agent 99
Agent 99
Thanks for your interest, I hope to hear from you soon.


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