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  • Hope you enjoy this day to the fullest. You are, indeed, one of my favorite posters.

    things did get out of hand because one person was not honest, he got stone popped.

    wish you were here as well,

    hi there, i been good. i sure would like to meet up with you. keep in touch.


    i ant figure out why i'm not winning, its not because i'm the lesser player-i know when i'm getting my nuts shot off thats blatently obvious and while I dont like it, I aint afraid to admit i'm weaker. thus its not a ego thing. I'm losing when i shouldnt be losing, like in a basketball game, i'm missing free throws at the end of the game, or trpping on my own feet 1 yard out from the goal in football and then missing the field goal.

    i'm losing in spots i should never lose in, I was in a game of 1P wasnt nervious calm i was stuck 12,500, so it was case $$ for me I was up 7 to -1 and somehow lost that game, I lost 10,000 in a different game and one game of 1P for 2500, it was the 2nd game of 1p, the first 10K i made a bad game, the first game of op i lost, the next game i just seemed to get lazy, i do that often when i'm ahead-thats the problem, I cant close out.
    Glen Realkingcobera is one hell of a great guy, he might be late, because he sometimes runs into unexpected problems with a install. But thats the kind of guy you want-think of it like this: If he was 80% done with your install of a new/used box and he just cut corners on his work so he wont be late for the next guy-you have a piss-poor table fitter. Glen wont leave until the job is done right, he dosent pad the bill either-he is more than fair. its worth the wait, has been for me on 4 tables(I change tables sometimes)

    If you have the space, find he paper and get a box you'll love it, nd its cheap considering how long it lasts.

    good luck,


    PS Glen does find deals from time to time, if he knows your looking he will put your name on a box-might not get to you for a couple months or more, but its soo worth the wait.

    take care Perm-your my boy!!!! come to Vegas sometime
    When you get ready to get a table, let me know...I'll find you one. I make Diamond take them on trade in at below wholesale price, then fix them up and resell them.

    Word up E? Strange enough, it's been cold here as well - we had snow Tuesday.....snow on the 1st of December in Dallas.....I fear a cold winter.....yep, need some warm vacation time, a nice beach where the only thing cold is the booze.....unfortunatley, wife wants to go snow skiing in March, looks like more freezing for me, LOL.
    Perm, sup, buddy???? i REP you up tomarrow, i'm all out today-you got 5million comming first thing tomarrow!!! hope you been good. its cold in Vegas BRRRR!!!!! time for some Rio action or something.
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