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  • Eric, when are you going to make up to Sacramento?
    maybe play some 1hole?
    We have some great talent for One Pocket... $500 added July 4th see ya there?
    Keep in touch.. thanks for the reps. Tag you're it
    Hey, Eric, how's it going with you these days? I was thinking of you earlier this morning as I was watching an infomercial with Kevin Trudeau. He was promoting his latest book entitled something like "Debt: What They Don't Want You To Know." Part of the infomercial focused on improving your credit and that reminded me of the business you used to be in. Then I recalled that you mentioned having had a long talk with Kevin a year or so back. Putting two and two together, I was wondering if he might not have gotten at least part of the idea for his latest book from stuff you two talked about.
    Eric, I'll take a "free pass" next time at the Gun Show with Brad Simpson to see the cars baby, your collection is the stuff of legend. Cues I hear not too shabby either!

    Peace butha

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