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  • Hey Eric, How are you doing buddy? Hope all is well. I was just looking thru the Receivables tonight when I found out that we never got the stuff sent out to you. That's ****ed up, and I apologize. I'll call you sometimes tomorrow.

    By the way, how come there is no option for me to send you a PM anymore? Is that a new AZB thing that I have to post it here?

    Take care buddy. Oh, what do you know about the McNeil area in Vegas?
    You had a nice post about Oscar and his dad, and I wanted to rep you for it and wishing you well, but I very seldom rep anymore so have to spread around and that can take weeks now :)

    Hope all is fine.
    Eric I was readin the BB thread(GREAT CUES)and seen a couple jumpin on you about the spelling! Turns out they both are good people,But the Heineken made me post in NPR. There I found a couple bad GUYS and now I'm on a mission to turn them RED like his neck! Well both necks. I'm sorry to the 2 I jumpped but glad I did,Now I have a mission.Hope alls well my friend,Oh yea between the 2 they have 5 friends! Ron Oh yea notice the space? Jason taught me that on the same post! Wow life is good in the NPR ! RON
    I will be in Las Vegas Aug 23 - 26 for the APA Masters Tournament. Would like to meet you if possible.
    Hey Eric: About the BB thread; If I read into your posts too much and got you wrong, so be it. I can admit it when I make a mistake. If you say I got you wrong then I got you wrong. I base my assumptions on what I have in front of me... in this case, its your posts. So you can maune see how i came to that conclusion. But if you tell me I got you wrong, so be it. Feel free to PM me if you want.
    Eric I don't know what Mia's and Measureman's problem is but anymore public english lessons and I will RED REP them!I understand what you say!Spell it right or wrong.I think RED REP was made for these TWO!RON CLASS OF '73 any errors here just let me know!
    Hi Eric,Boyfat as Smorg said!Thanks and my pool frog returned!Things are good here at Rons house!
    hey Fatboy I just watched your ''whats in the case"!did anyone ever tell you what the lanyard in your Hagar case is for?It's to secure the case to a chair leg so it stands up and wont fall over
    Hey Eric I ain't ignoring you I am just busy :) The tomato plants are kicking ass, about 5 feet tall but the fruit is smallish and green. We still have nights in the high 30's and low 40's, but the days are great they get to about 85 and you can add 20 to that in the greenhouse with the fans on and the vents open. You will have to think about growing your own, I can help. I joined 1pocket.org but haven't posted yet one of these days I will get to it. CULATER.
    No Problem Eric!Hope your good.I finely got the pool open and I have 3 pet frogs.We've bonded over the last 40 hrs workin on it,they are now tame and pets!Every one has people in the pool I have FROGS TOO!!!
    Hey! I have a nice TAD. Would like a player Gus with full original shafts. Lets work something out. Bob Corcoran from MD. #301-351-5178-or-bobco729@yahoo.com
    Hi Eric,

    Are you planning to go to the Cue and Case Show at Johnny's pool room in Marrieta, Ga. on July 11? They are having a 10 ball tournament there at the same time and I'm going if I can work it out and i'd like to meet you if possible. I've been wanting to go to Johnny and Kim's room and this is a perfect time.

    James (SCCues)
    Thanks for the rep, Eric. Glad to hear the quality of the $CASH$ cues is as good as it appears on the forum. Won't get the braz rosewood / Davis blank $ cue I bought from Tommy for a week or two (having him tweek it a little), but am looking forward to it. I'm not one with the resources to stock up on BB's & Szam's - wish I could, but I try to concentrate on quality in what I do get & this cue has a pretty high class pedigree.
    Hope to meet you in person one day.
    Take care!
    Eric, when are you going to make up to Sacramento?
    maybe play some 1hole?
    We have some great talent for One Pocket... $500 added July 4th see ya there?
    Keep in touch.. thanks for the reps. Tag you're it
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