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  • You cracked me up! Bringing back the Chicken Crossing the Road with a twist! Thanks buddy! I will rep you as soon as I can!
    Thanks for the green reps eric..I really hope we do get action...Some of these people are clueless on the action part of pool...Like i told you b4...would luv to meet u 1 day because tou seem pretty cool n seam to see things the same way i do...take care...Troy
    Hello, Eric.

    Noticed you were looking for a photographer to shoot your cue collection.

    Where are you? I am east coast (NY) but get around a bit too... Let me know if interested!:thumbup:
    Eric, wish you could make it to the Chuck Markulis Memorial this weekend. Lots of players from SoCal are making the trek.

    Fair well good buddy

    I notice you own a couple of Lotus cars. In November, the Southern Nevada Lotus Car Club is holding a "convention" for us car nuts. Would you be interested in joining us? As far as I know, I'm the only pool nut in the crowd but you would be welcome regardless. Several members of the local Ferrari / Maserati / Lamborghini clubs will also join us at Red Rock Casino. Please let me know. Thanks.


    I was not there to watch the finals, and I wasn't able to catch it online either. I spoke with JA briefly on Thursday and a little bit yesterday. He seems to be on a roll, playing well, and just enjoying life to the fullest. He's more excited about taking the kids to Disney than he is about pool. Good for him!
    Funny you brought up it feeling like a hair dryer in Vegas. I was out in Vegas a few years back. I live in Alabama and thought I could just get in the back of a truck and get a cool breeze like you can here in Bama. Not so. I felt like I was slowly cooking. One of the most uncomfortable moments I've ever been in. The only way I could describe it to friends was "a hair dryer". lol
    hey eric this is chris from indiana we've talked before had your # but i lost it what is it again ?
    OK... I am Officially JEALOUS... YES I would love to see the cues and I don't have a clue when I will be in Vegas again but when I am I will call.
    How are you Eric. Haven't heard from you in a while. Heard you moved to Cali, sell the Vegas place? Give me a call man, always up for a chat.
    Hope all is well,
    Jim Lee
    i think youu'd do pretty good around here. there isn't much action. you know stockton though, just about everyone wants the nuts or they won't do anything. let me know when you're coming bro we'll hang out and check out some local tournaments
    Just a note to wish you the best in your new business interests, and hope the best for the back troubles. Hope we have a chance to meet in the future. Keep droppin' in on the posts now & again.
    Best regards,
    Hey Eric not much to report on the tomato's but I will send a note just to help that dancing Fatboy down the line. :)
    What guy? What thread was that from?

    I get an N/A in that field. Was a thread deleted?

    Hey buddy! How are you doing?
    Hope your trip to the Philippines pushes through this year, bro.

    Miss you and the rest of our friends here at AZ.

    Thank you for the green rep. Hope all is well with you too. Keep us in mind for the West Coast Cue Show.. Saturday, Nov. 7th in San Ramon, Ca. Best Regards, Rex
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