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  • Hi Will, this is Jerry Moody, Phil Windham's friend. Another friend of mine is a gold and silver broker and called me yesterday about some antique sterling silver billiard trophys he had bought as scrap and said he thought they were too nice to melt. I asked Phil if he was interested in them but he really doesn't have anywhere to display something like that. We thought you might be interested. If so, I can get them for $1725.00 and we can bring them to you at the US open or Phil can bring them to the ICC show. The trophys weigh a total of 55.36 oz troy. Two are from 1937, one from 1917 and one from 1913. They are not from known pros. If you have any interest let me know.

    Will and Rhoda -

    Carrol and I hope your Christmas was wonderful and 2012 will be a great year for you and yours. We are still in Phoenix visiting our son so it has been a super holiday season for us.

    Best wishes,

    Bob and Carrol
    Could be your lucky day!I seen your post,was a few years back.I have a Huebler U.S. Open cue for sale.if your interested you can post hear at a-z or email me at sencire1@gmail.com Thanks
    i have almost 1200 friends on AZB and somehow your not one of them, and your one of my very best friends in pool period. I picked up a 91 Barry a juicy one for being a 4pt cue. Barry thought it was a 4pt until he saw his name on the but capp. its a dandy. I have one heck of a collection of Barrys, mainly because I love barry with all my heart-it hurts me that I dont use one of his cues as a daily player, I did for along time but I cane across a cue I play better with, hope you enjoyed ICCS, I hope I can go next year, this is a tough time of year for me to leave, If I dump my house then i'm free.


    It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife.
    Hope to see you next year.
    Bob & Diane

    I did everything possible to be able to come and its just not possible. I'm very sorry to get back to you so late. I was hopeing to be able to move some dates for hearings around etc, but the lawyers couldnt. I am not happy to say the least. I will ring you befor the show.


    Will, I have about 25 cues I want to get rid of. I will sell them for less than I paid. I have that ivory handled Gina 1- of- 1.. would sell that for 18,500 just to give you an idea. I am going to Vegas for a week and can send pics and such when I get back. Let ma know if you might be interested

    I was wondering if you could give me a price on a cue. I believe I have an 83-1 series Meucci Original. Its a two point cue with the Meucci Original logo wit the cue(I can e-mail pics I just have to take them). I have been told by a collector that in the current condition, un refinished(could use it) it would be worth $400. This was also by a collector. I'm new to this forum and appreciate your time.
    Hi Will, Thanks for the kind comments about Cliff's case. I appreciate it. Please feel free to contact me at onqcases@cox.net or toll free at 866.383.8733 when you are ready. Again...great show. Best regards, Garth
    Hi there not sure if you know but someone said on here to ask you about pricing. Said you might have an idea.
    I have pictures if you would like to look at them.
    e-mail me at robindodson@ix.netcom.com
    Thank you

    This is the person
    The cue you have with your name on it from the World Championships should be worth something.
    "IBuyCues" here on AZ Billiards is a BIG cue collector. I sold him a Ivory Handled Gina cue that Richie Florence once owned and he paid alot of money for it.

    I highly recommend you send "IBuyCues" a PM and ask him if he has any interest in the cue. Also tell him about the case you won at the US Open with your name on it. Tell him Bob Olson asked you to send him a PM about the these.

    I hope to see you at the APA Nationals in Aug 09.
    Happy Aniversary Will. Wife and I are heading towards 30 years ourselves.......or is it 30 mins under water.........LOL! Couldn't imagine my life without her.

    My congrats to you and yours.:thumbup:

    If you need any help with ICCS is the future, I stand ready to help even if it means being a foot soldier.
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