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  • Did you hear anythng about Gabe Owens being arrested for fake, phoney coints? Is this just a malicious rumor or what.
    The black ones are hard to find, but Donny at West State has some used Valley Cougars. (714)943-7137
    Hello Jay, This is Andy Reagan from Don Q Billiards in Santa Barbara. We previously purchased a Valley Black cat pool table from you or someone you came across. We are trying to get 2 more of them and thought we would send you a message and see if you have come across any in your travels. Drop me a line anytime here or give me a call at 805-570-8371.
    Jay where can i get a copy of the billiard news may83 bar rag shootout or old 82 83 84 issues. Any ideas would help ,thanks RICO
    I LOVE the name The Big Foot Challenge! I think you should consider calling your line of ten foot tables The Big Foot line. Big Foot is a well known name in the popular culture and no one owns it. Use that name my friend! I see you having an artist design a Big Foot logo to be added to all the ten foot tables. Soon everyone will know when they hear Big Foot in billiards it means the Diamond ten foot table! There you go. I just gave you a million dollars worth of good advertising advice for free!
    give this a thought:

    " Grand 10 x 10 Classic " or " Grand 10 by " .... We have a $1,000 entry ten ball

    tournament on a 10 ft. table....

    Even if you don't like the name above for the tournament, I kinda like the

    slang word "10 by" .... It's too long to ask someone if they " want to play some

    10 ball on a 10 foot table " ergo " play some 10 by "...............You may think this is

    corny but that's how my mind works. Just like carpenters call a 2x4 a 2by . Like I'm

    going to hit you in the head with a 2by.

    The name of the tourny could be shortened to " You playing in the Dcc 10x10 or Dcc 10by or Dcc 10 by....maybe in the future " Double Grand 10by " in Tunica.

    Hope you liked my post on AZ
    Hi Jay, it's Noel.

    I'm in Vegas. Do U know how to locate Fast Lenny? I know he was coming here to help out Bonus Ball. I was hoping to B a spectator on Thursday. Oh Well.

    Like U said maybe some action will evolve.

    Take Care,
    Jay, I am sorry to say, but I am going to find a way to subscribe to you because your stories about the Philippines is just beyond awesome! I am digging that environment and look to go over there in the future.
    Hi Jay, you probably don't remember me, my name is Brian Wallace, we met at the BCA's this past May. I was with Larry and Andrea Wilson. Their house is getting close to being done and the pool room is going to be out of this world. Two 9' diamonds plus a 7' footer as well. The finishing and lighting are going to be beautiful.

    Hopefully you take them up on their offer to come up to Victoria to visit us.

    Jay, thanks for the rep, your book was wonderful. I read it while on a cruise out of San Diego it made the vacation extra special. It was a hoot to peek into yor life and experiences.
    Hi Jay,
    Lee Brett just called me from Miami and said his plane got delayed and now he is scheduled to fly to LAX tonight and was wondering if he could meet with you in LA and ride to Vegas with you?

    He's on AA flight 1125 arriving in LAX at 12:30am.

    Please call Lee at 702-467-4817 or me at 408-205-7519
    Bob Beaulieu
    Love the way people come on here and discuss road players when you ask. The migration of players from east to the west is a topic you wrote about in Pool Wars is very interesting to me. Are there any other books along that topic say around the mid 50's to early 80's?
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