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  • Jay, I found a Gold Crown for $1,500 that I am intetested in. That's realllly low, so I am suspicious. It's disassembled so I can't test hit it. Should I run away?
    Hi Jay, you once had a post offering back issues of Billiards Digest. I am looking for Nov 2003 issue. Would have have one?
    You're the worst commentator I've ever heard and you beat Alvin Nelson by one point. Quit being a nut hugger to Dennis Orcollo and take a breath once in a while when in the booth. Your opinion of yourself is highly overrated.
    Hi Jay: Just wanted to let you know that I bought both of your books, and just like a good movie, I read them over and over again as time goes by. I think I enjoy them because I can really relate to it like other pool players who have gambled. It's not only amazing to me the adventures you've had, but even more so, how you are able to remember so many of your experiences.
    I wonder if you will do a 3rd book, and the other question I have is one I'd asked you before. I saw you on TV once some years ago on one of those daytime talk shows; not sure if it was Dr.Phil?
    I think you were talking about your family relationships, and I had asked you how that came about (going on that show)....you said you might put it in your next book, but didn't.
    Is it too personal to ask you about that again?
    The pics of Fat's cue are so bad it's hard to tell much from them. It does look like Fat's signature though. As to value I have no idea. I'd need to get a much better look at this cue to even venture a guess.
    I'm glad you approve.
    Hope you are doing great.
    I commend you for standing up and doing the right thing, very few people have the courage to do that any more.
    You might want to read the reply to Fran Crimi I just posted also lol.
    Jay how you doin?This is Ray in Clinton Ia. Bar Rag tourn. I have a 24x36 oil painting by FERNANDO SOTOMYAR.of Jimmy Reed.Iwonder if you know of any Jimmy fans or friends that might be interested.Or possibly a poolhall.thanks P.S.Ireally enjoy those post from the P.I.
    Almost any month other than August to November. That's the hurricane season and they have a lot of them there. Probably you will have the best weather from February to May.
    We have a friend in common from 45 years ago. I read in "Pool Wars" that you and Elliot Robbins hooked up again in Marina del Rey. I met him a few times at Fred Whalen's many LA Elk's club 14.1 pro tourneys (where he hustled some of the pros in the practice room and also backed some of the action within.) He was my accountant for many years when I lived near you both in MDR -- I was at the singles-only South Bay Club, eventually called Oakwood Apartments after the state struck down the singles-only restriction and went on to strike down any Adults-only restriction. Met my wife at the South Bay Club and we've been very happily married for 45 years. I understand that Elliot became heavily involved with cocaine soon thereafter. He was at our wedding reception in MDR.
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