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  • Check at the Bebob booth. He is the one who is selling all the books. Or just go to jayhelfert.com to order a copy. It will go right out via First Class mail.
    Jay do you know if any of the APA vendors carry your book. I'm headed down there tonight, and if I find it I'm sure to not get any sleep til I've finished reading it. Thanks, Gordon 425-275-8255
    Jay I was wondering if you could comment on a post I made in the "greatest shots" thread. I am referencing the 1999wpc semifinals match between Reyes and bustamante in which you claimed it was the best 9 ball you'd ever seen. If you could just take a moment and comment what you were thinking while commentating and now 11 years later I would really appreciate it. I know this is one of my favorite and is saved as such on my YouTube. Thx again.
    Hi Jay. Hope everything is well with you. Just wondering if you know or remember an old player from Oklahoma City they called Driller. I see him in Chester's every now and then. He was there last night and I bought him a few beers. He started telling stories about the old days and one of the stories even had you in it.

    I have played in Joplin and Springfield but it was many years ago. And St. Louis of course. In those days (60's and 70's) every town had a pool room, usually downtown. I played a good player in Springfield in a new pool room. He was very tall and lanky. Sorry but I forget his name. I saw him later at a few bar table tourneys in the Midwest.
    hey jay, i was just wondering if you ever came thru and played any in missouri. i live in central mo, and travel the state and know most of the players. just curious if you have any good stories. thanks
    apologize ahead of time, i'm sure that you have provided the info...but how do i go about getting your book?
    Hi Jay, Pool Wars proved to be such a great read! Thanks again for welcoming me to your home for local pick-up!
    Jay, I want to commend you on a great thread on the DCC. That's why I can miss a lot,go to you,and the results are there. Thanks again for being one of the unheralded heroes of the pool world!! BTW,what years were you in the Ft. Polk area...if it was the early 70's,that was about the time all my action died!! I shoulda guessed!!!lol. Peace my Brother. Carl
    I was disappointed to find that the custom cue makers were not there. I did look at a Jacoby sneaky Pete maple & bacota with one shaft for $275* weight bolts Life time guarantee What do you think?

    *subject to negotiation
    Jay, do you rent bar boxes or just big tables? If not, can you tell me who to contact for quotes on renting maybe 20 or 30 bar boxes. Would like to get quotes on Diamonds and on Valleys.


    Merry Xmas Jay, hope to see you at DCC, Artie's hoping His dance card will be full.

    Bill Smith "Mr3Cushion"
    hay jay thanks for the answers you gave me this year really loved the book are you planning a sequal I hope and have a merry xmas
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